OMEGA opened its tenth boutique nationwide in the Palacio de Hierro Santa Fe

Haute horlogerie lovers have a new hot spot in Mexico City, it is the renovated boutique of OMEGA in the Iron Palace Santa Fe, which reopens its doors with the new international image of the brand: a very special concept with a clean, pure and contemporary vision, which allows watchmaking pieces to be displayed in a simple way and to tell the story behind them.

The 50-square-meter space is part of the 10 OMEGA boutiques nationwide, as well as the network of more than 160 corporate boutiques throughout the world. What OMEGA wants to achieve with the new boutique design is to make visitors feel like they are at home, in a warm and welcoming environment, while at the same time being in a truly luxurious environment.

What to see in the new boutique

OMEGA watches, jewelery and accessories are of exceptional beauty and quality, and one of the main objectives with this new project is to present them in the best possible setting, using the best materials.

The design elements of the new space demonstrate the passion for detail, there is a strong brand recognition for the use of the iconic red color in its logos and carpet, adequate lighting and decoration that allow the story of the brand to be told when visiting the boutique and know the different collections: Constellation, Seamaster, Speedmaster y De Ville.

All this together, helps to improve the experience of the fans of the brand, leaving them with the desire to return.

A little history about OMEGA

Founded since 1948, the brand has been synonymous with excellence, innovation and precision, defined by its pioneering spirit demonstrated by the conquest of both the deep ocean and outer space.

Since 1965, the OMEGA Speedmaster Professional watch has been a part of every manned mission of the NASA, including the 6 moon landings.

Likewise, no other brand is so actively related to sports timing as this one that has been the Official Timekeeper of the Olympic Games for 28 times and soon it will be at the Tokyo Olympics.

Also OMEGA has been used by the most famous spy, the 007, on every movie since 1995. Other brand ambassadors include George Clooney, Nicole Kidman, Cindy Crawford, Eddie Redmayne, Daniel Craig, Rory McIlroy, as well as the astronauts, Buzz Aldrin and Thomas Stafford, among others.

Finally, most importantly, OMEGA’s history has been dedicated to the tradition of excellence in the watchmaking world. This legacy continued in 1999 with the implementation of the Co-Axial exhaust and in 2014 with the development of a fully antimagnetic caliber. In 2015 it was reinforced with the Master Chronometer certification, guaranteeing the highest standards of precision, magnetism, water resistance and chronometric performance.

This unique legacy is an essential part of OMEGA, it is its DNA, which becomes the center of the new concept and image of the boutique that you cannot miss in Santa Fe.