Olympia Dukakis, Oscar winner for ‘Moon spell’, dies at 89

This Saturday, May 1, a veteran Hollywood actress, the winner of an Academy Award Olympia Dukakis, died at the age of 89. Dukakis won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in 1988 for playing Cher’s mother in ‘Moonlight Spell’ and throughout his career he also worked under Woody Allen in ‘Mighty Aphrodite’, alongside Shirley MacLaine and Sally Field in ‘Steel Magnolias’ and for Jonathan Kasdan in ‘Among Women’.

Dukakis was born in 1931 in Lowell, Massachusetts; and has died in New York “after many months of poor health”, as announced by his brother Apollo on Facebook. Dukakis began her acting career relatively late, in 1962, with small roles in television and movies where he did not even appear in the credit titles. His first big break came with ‘John and Mary’ in 1969 where he played Dustin Hoffman’s mother. this role, that of mother of, It was a constant in his filmography full of secondary and few protagonists.

Other titles that we cannot forget are ‘So for what’, ‘Grab it as you can 33 1/3. The final insult ‘, ‘Woman Guns’ with Melanie Griffith, Harrison Ford and Sigourney Weaver; ‘Professor Holland’, ‘Look who’s talking’, ‘My father’ and the series ‘Tales of the City’, the latest of its versions, ‘Stories from San Francisco’, premiered on Netflix in 2019. In addition to working as an actress, On the small, big screen, and Broadway stages, she was an acting teacher at NYU for 15 years, founded two theaters, and also worked as a producer on various projects.

Hollywood le rinde tribute

With such a long career, Dukakis was a very loved and respected person in Hollywood and many colleagues, friends or simply admirers of his work have wanted to pay tribute to him and express their condolences on social networks. Among the stars we find Cher, with whom he shared the screen in ‘Hechizo de Luna’; Bradley Whitford, Viola Davis and George Takei.

“Olympia Dukakis was wonderful, Academy Award winner. Olympia played my mother in ‘Moonlight Spell’ and even though her role was that of a long-suffering wife, we laughed all the time. She always told me how much she loved Louis , her handsome and talented husband. I spoke to her just 3 weeks ago. DEP dear. “

“Bright, strong, hilarious soul. Actress actress. Rest in peace Olympia Dukakis.”

“Olympia Dukakis has left us. She left us spellbound, as she told us great tales of the city. A true steel magnolia in a common forest. Ah, what a vital force, her last years are the best. Rest now among the heavens, Olympia “, expressed in a play on words with some of his most memorable titles.

RIP Olympia Dukakis … consummate actress. You made everyone around you step up their work. It was a pleasure working with her. Rest well. «May the flights of angels sing to you at your repose» “