Oh captain! My captain! The history of the return of Busquets

On Jerry Maguire Tom Cruise confessed his love to Renée Zellweger in an unforgettable scene and ended his speech with an eternal “You complete me.” Something like this thought the more than 50 members of the Spanish team who are concentrated in Las Rozas when this Friday they received Sergio Busquets again in the city of football as if he were a true hero after finally overcoming the damn covid.

Twelve days had passed since he left the concentration after testing positive and the return of the Spanish captain left a truly impressive picture. His arrival in Las Rozas reminded a royal audience. Busquets went down the stairs that lead to the main entrance of the soccer city and at the end all his teammates, the staff and some managers, such as the president of the RFEF, Luis Rubiales, and the sports director, José Molina, were waiting for him in line. . The Badia midfielder was hugging everyone one by one. The smiles multiplied everywhere and the joy was palpable in the atmosphere. They had been orphaned without the captain and they were all there.

But of the dozens of hugs he received, the last one was the most emotional and neither of the two protagonists did anything to hide it. In the background, outside the circle of footballers, Dr. Juan José García Cota, the medical officer of the Spanish team, and the person in charge of all the covid protocols in this European Championship, was observing the beautiful scene. The doctor, who also works for Celta de Vigo, has monitored Busquets’ condition practically hour by hour since he tested positive. The footballer has also exchanged private messages with all his teammates these days. “It was as if I were here,” Luis Enrique joked. But with Dr. Cota, communication has gone much further and no one was more pleased to see him again.

A special hug

Doctor Cota has been the one who has monitored the footballer’s condition and his smile gave him away

The one from Badia has followed a specific plan to maintain his physical tone and the coach chose to include him in the expedition that traveled to Seville to face Poland. “The data of his gps confirm that he is perfect”, revealed the selector. Busquets has not trained with his teammates since June 5 and his presence among the 23 summoned is still up in the air. If he ends up entering, no one rules out that he has his first minutes in this European Championship.

The captain of the national team had to leave the national team on June 6 after a PCR test to which he was subjected came back positive. Busquets traveled that same Sunday back to his home to confine himself. Meanwhile, in Las Rozas, his teammates were also in solitary confinement and had to train the following days alone. They were very hard days and a lot of tension in the Spanish concentration, but the good atmosphere that reigns indoors in Las Rozas softened everything and the team was able to move forward.

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The spectacular reception that Busquets received speaks very much about his importance in Luis Enrique’s team. The Asturian coach chose to leave captain Sergio Ramos, weighed down by injuries, out of the squad and the Barça midfielder was left as the team’s only beacon. Only he won the World Cup. Only he has been international more than a hundred times. “His return is a very important reinforcement for everyone, he has a lot of relevance in the team,” remarked the coach.

Luis Enrique

“He is a very important reinforcement for everyone, he is the captain and has a lot of relevance in the team”

The protocol dictated a minimum of ten days of isolation, a period that ended last Wednesday, when his return was expected. The news did not finish and finally it emerged that in his last PCR the result had not been conclusive and, therefore, he was not qualified to join the team’s discipline. But the negative result finally came and Spain emulated Walt Whitman: “Oh, captain! My captain!”.