“Of the RBD boy I only have rebellion”

For a long time, Alfonso Herrera, popular with millennial audiences for its time in RBD, He got rid of that nickname to give way to an acting career that has taken giant steps. Sense 8, The Dandy, The Exorcist are some of its most representative titles in the last five years.

Since Atlanta, city ​​where the series is recorded Ozark, the Mexican actor contacted EXPRESSIONS about The dance of 41 historical film directed por David Pablos, premiered in its native country in November last year and is now broadcast by Netflix.

What did it mean to embody Ignacio de la Torre y Mier, a homosexual man from the time of Porfirio Díaz (former Mexican president) unknown to many?

I admire the vision that David Pablos has, who for me is one of the best directors in Mexico. He has a very special sensitivity and I found it interesting to approach the story away from the cartoon that was kept for years and with four thousand locks. Ignacio de la Torre y Mier was a well-known politician and businessman in Mexico. If he hadn’t been a homosexual, his name would most likely be in the Mexican history books.

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Is it a way to claim your name in this movie?

What’s interesting about this film (set in 1901) is realizing how the LGBT community has been made invisible in this particular event. As a heterosexual man I believe that the only way to have an empathetic society is by supporting minorities and giving them a fair and respectful visibility. The great villain in El baile de los 41 is society, the one that imposes rules, conditioning, behaviors and roles of men and women. This film also addresses other issues, such as classism and racism that spread throughout Latin America.

How much has society changed in 120 years?

The structures remain the same, not much has changed. We have made progress, but more solid steps need to be taken. The dance of the 41 is a courageous and important film because it generates images that are new to the collective conscious and unconscious. It is more scandalizing to see two men holding hands than a totally violent and explicit act. And we see that in the classification of films. I’m glad for the feedback you’ve gotten on Netflix and that it has finally seen the light of day.

Do you consider that there are still many Ignacio de la Torre and Mier in the XXI century?

You are right. Ignacio was a lover of power and the Mexican hetero-patriarchal game, and his goal was to grow up and become an important politician. And what better way to do it than being the son-in-law of Porfirio Díaz, because the bargaining chip to achieve this was to be the husband of the president’s daughter. And in the present age this continues to live appearances by the fact of taking care of goods and wealth.

“I do not consider myself a scorer of life, but a player who tries to do it in the best way. And if I score, wonderful. And if I help my teammates to do it, incredible ”.

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How about the chemistry with Emiliano Zurita, the son of Christian Bach and Humberto Zurita?

A very talented young man who has taken interesting risks in his career. I wish you many successes. I admire him as an actor and we have become great friends. I know his family and he knows mine. His father is an institution.

There is always a loved or special character. What’s yours?

Indeed I have about four or five that are very special and dear to me, that I admire and respect for the process in which they were carried out; but it would be very unfair to name them (smiles) and ignore the others that I have interpreted.

I know you’ve been in Atlanta for several months filming episodes for the new season of the Ozark series. How has it been working with Jason Bateman and Laura Linney?

They are amazing and big. What they have built in the middle of the show in Hollywood is commensurate with their generosity. Something very important is that they use their power for the benefit of their peers. And that is admirable.

“I am about to return to Mexico to join the project of Luis Estrada (Long live Mexico!), A director that I admire a lot. It will be eleven weeks with colleagues that I respect and love, such as Damián Alcázar and Joaquín Cosío”.

Now he is working with them and in The Exorcist he did it with Geena Davis. Have you seen yourself performing with Al Pacino or Robert De Niro?

I remember them in the Godfather saga. I saw those movies with my father, but I don’t want to give specific names. What I can tell you is that as I have walked, I have realized that we all try to tell a story in the best possible way and, in the end, we are all partners. When we are on a set there are no hierarchies. On set we try to do our best so that the story is told in the best way.


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What’s left of the RBD boy?

The rebellion, nothing more (laughs). That won’t go away.

With a path taken 20 years ago by acting, when from time to time you look in the rearview mirror, how do you think the journey has been?

It has been complex, with many satisfactions, joys and at the same time hard at times, but that path is what makes me talk to you. So, I am grateful to work on what I like and passion, and that this can be a livelihood for my family. I feel very lucky.

“I hope to return to Ecuador soon and try the canelazo again. What a hangover he gave me! Delicious and as it is sweet you just take it. I tried it in Cuenca. OMG what a treat! “