Octogenarian actors in top form

Tomorrow, May 31, Clint Eastwood turns 91, and María Galiana 86. In addition to coinciding on the day of birth and the profession of actor, the two have in common that they are still active. On Thursday the last chapter of the 21st season of the series was broadcast Tell me , in which Galiana has played Herminia since 2001. And on May 2 she finished the functions of Hug , the comedy that he performed every night at the Bellas Artes theater in Madrid.

Clint Eastwood, with hits of the last decade like Beyond life, The sniper, Heist, or 15:17 train to Paris is immersed in Cry Macho , who directs and stars. It is about a horse breeder and former rodeo star who must kidnap a boy who lives with his alcoholic mother. The film will be released in the fall.

María Galiana, Herminia in ‘Cuéntame’, will be 86 years old tomorrow, May 31


María Galiana and Clint Eastwood are two examples of actors whose age makes them even bigger. Fortunately there are more. Anthony Hopkins, 83, became the oldest actor to win the Oscar a month ago, in the main category, for The father . And in 2020, Julieta Serrano, with 87, won the Goya as a supporting actress for Pain and glory .

Anthony Hopkins makes history as the oldest actor to win the Oscar at age 83

Anthony Hopkins makes history as the oldest actor to win an Oscar at age 83 for ‘The Father’

The trailer for the new version of West Side Story , directed by Steven Spielberg. And although she is not the protagonist, the director wanted Rita Moreno (Anita in the first version) to be present. And this is how this Puerto Rican, who will turn 90 at the end of this 2021, is living a second youth with stellar appearances in series and a biographical documentary released a few months ago Rita Moreno: Just A girl who decided to go for it.

Julieta Serrano won the Goya 2020 as best supporting actress for 'Pain and glory' at the age of 87

Julieta Serrano won the Goya 2020 as best supporting actress for ‘Pain and glory’ at the age of 87


Jane Fonda (83), Cecil B. De Mille award winner at the last Golden Globes gala, also seems to be living a second youth. In 2018 she starred in the hit comedy Book club . In addition, she once again dusted off her activist spirit, which became famous in the Vietnam War, and before the pandemic, she demonstrated in Washington, every week, against climate change, dressed in a red coat.

Rita Moreno in the new version of 'West side story'

Rita Moreno (89 years old) in the new version of ‘West side story’


The Italian Sophia Loren (86) had long ago put her acting career on hold, and last year she again put herself in front of the cameras to star The life ahead , directed by his son Edoardo Ponti. She and the film have garnered great reviews and awards.

Concha Velasco (81), unlike Sophia Loren, has never stopped working in film, theater or television. Just today he finishes his performances at the Goya theater in Barcelona, ​​with Mary’s room , written by his son Manuel. José Sacristán (83) has been touring Spain for years with the work Lady in red on gray background. Currently at the Bellas Artes theater in Madrid.

Concha Velasco in a scene from 'Mary's room'

Concha Velasco (81) in a scene from the play ‘Maria’s room’

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Another example is Lola Herrera. He was 44 years old, in 1979, when he first took on the shoes of Menchu ​​Sotillo in the acclaimed Five hours with Mario . And at 85 he continues to star in Delibes’ work, with the same success. Like Núria Espert (86), on tour with Gypsy romance by Federico García Lorca, although now he has had to cancel some performances due to a domestic accident. The veteran Hector Alterio (92) has just closed the International Tango Festival in Granada with a show about this Argentine dance. And Julia Gutiérrez Caba (92) sneaks into Spanish homes every week with the series I am alive, in La 1.

José Sacristán (83) represents the play 'Lady in red on a gray background'

José Sacristán (83) represents the play ‘Lady in red on a gray background’


Returning to international cinema, Al Pacino (81) was in Italy a few days ago filming the film House of Gucci , starring Lady Gaga and Adam Driver on Maurizio Gucci’s murder. Joan Collins ( Dynasty ), who turned 88 on Sunday and is on vacation in Mallorca, was in Madrid last October filming the José Luis Moreno series Glow and Darkness, junto a Jane Seymour y Denise Richards.

USA5471.  LOS ANGELES (CA, USA), 11/11/2020.- Frame provided by Netflix where the film director Edoardo Ponti appears with his mother, actress Sophia Loren, during the filming of the film

The actress Sophia Loren (86) returned to put herself in front of the cameras after ten years away to star in the film ‘Life ahead’, directed by her son Edoardo Ponti


Julie Andrews (88), the unforgettable Mary Poppins and Maria from Smiles and tears put his voice to one of the mythical creatures of the film Aquaman , three years ago, and most recently she served as a narrator on the Netflix series The Bridgertons. Precisely your partner in Mary Poppins, actor Dick van Dyke (95) participated in 2018 in The return of Mary Poppins , and also had a fundamental role in the film Night in the museum and its aftermath.

Archive image of 88-year-old actress Betty White who just won her fifth Emmy

Actress Betty White will turn 100 next January and at 88 she won an Emmy


Judi Dench (86), Angela Lansbury (95), Morgan Freeman (84), Michael Caine (88), Derek Jacobi (82), Ian McKellen (81), Mel Brooks (94), Donald Sutherland (85), Gene Hackman (91), Dustin Hoffman (83), Maggie Smith (86), Vanessa Redgrave (84), Jack Nicholson (84) or Robert Redford (84) are other examples of active interpreters.

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But after the death last year of Kirk Douglas (103) and Olivia de Havilland (104), the dean of all actors is Betty White, who will turn 100 next January. The remembered protagonist of The golden girls , is one of the artists most loved by the public, who in 2010, at the age of 88, was chosen to present a special of the successful Saturday Night Live , where he demonstrated his great sense of humor. That is the secret of his longevity, as he assured in a recent interview on the occasion of his 99th birthday, in addition to climbing stairs every day and occasionally treating himself to a vodka cocktail.