Not to believe! What is the strange coincidence of Jennifer Lawrence, Cameron Diaz and Ryan Gosling

UNITED STATES.- Since her rise to fame as Katniss Everdeen in “The Hunger Games”, Jennifer Lawrence He did nothing but rise in Hollywood and be listed as one of the most sought after stars. However, this was not always the case since before becoming a star he hid a strange coincidence with Cameron Diaz Y Ryan Gosling.

Like her colleagues in Hollywood, the 31-year-old actress lived through an adolescence equal to or worse than any average young man. In past interviews, she confessed how she had to change schools several times due to the bullying she suffered since it was not exactly the most popular and she had to endure the mistreatment of some of her classmates.

One of the most remembered anecdotes by Jennifer Lawrence It happened when a classmate asked her to hand out the invitations to her birthday party, but she was not on the list. Even so, the Oscar-winning diva assured that such situations did not affect her too much, although she did become more rebellious at that time.

As happened with the interpreter, Cameron Diaz has this feature in common, as she had to face teasing and criticism in class for being very thin. In past interviews, she acknowledged that the boys even started fights with her, harassing her because of her physical appearance. While Ryan Gosling He faced his reality when he realized that dancing instead of playing sports at school alienated him from girls.

The protagonist of “La La Land”Was a well-known dancer at school (there are videos on the Internet that prove it). And although he spent much of high school surrounded by girls, he soon learned that none of them were sentimentally interested in him as they talked openly about other boys when they got together.