Norman Reedus’ adorable custom that proves he’s the best partner – TV shows

The ‘The Walking Dead’ team has reason to adore him. And so do we.


With ten seasons behind them, the characters of The Walking Dead have already secured a piece of the hearts of the series’ most loyal followers, but, if there is a character who has received more especially the affection of the fan community, that is without Daryl Dixon doubts, a lonely and apparently tough survivor who when he takes off his armor turns out to be all heart. Similarly, while Daryl captivates with his boundless companionship and his already characteristic customs, such as going everywhere on his motorcycle or killing zombies armed with a crossbow, the actor who embodies the character, Norman Reedus, is also the object of true devotion on the part of the fans.

“If Daryl dies, it will be the revolution”, read the motto that hundreds of thousands of fans subscribed to convey to the team of the series the message that the character should remain safe from Negan, Terminus, the Governor and whatever threat crossed his path .

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But if Norman Reedus is lovable among fans, the same charisma is the one that walks through the filming sets of The Walking Dead, where he behaves as the perfect companion of his companions. Attentive, always ready to help and fun, there is a detail on his Instagram that shows that he is one of those people who are lucky to have around.

The reason? You just have to go around your profile to realize that one of the motivations that lead you to make a new publication is to congratulate each and every one of your colleagues on their birthday.

The last congratulation has been directly for his faithful companion in front of and behind the cameras, Melissa McBride, the person in charge of interpreting Carol. Both will star together in the ‘spin-off’ still untitled about Daryl and Carol that will succeed The Walking Dead.

But it is not the only one. Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan). The late Scott Wilson (Hershel). Steven Yeun (Glenn). Andrew Lincoln (Rick). Whether or not they continue in the series. Don’t forget one! Isn’t it a nice detail?

Untouchable by the team, the survivor embodied by Reedus has survived all the threats that the protagonists of The Walking Dead from the beginning of the series. At the same time, the actor has also not shown interest in abandoning fiction and that, added to the fact that the fans made it clear that he could not be applied that “nobody is safe”, has caused us to have enjoyed Daryl during 11 years and that we continue to do it for one season -the last- more and later also in the aforementioned ‘spin-off’.

Interestingly, Daryl, who as you already know is not a character from the comics that the series is inspired by but was created specifically for fiction, it was meant to be short-lived in the initial idea of ​​the creative team. Presented as a hostile character and with more in common with his brother Merle than he would later have, the team’s intention was for him to be one of the victims of the first season of The Walking Dead. However, Daryl finally went another way and ended up becoming a key piece of the group and, above all, a favorite of the fan community.