Netflix was sued and Henry Cavill must change in Enola Holmes

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Netflix: the second part of Enola Holmes confirmed

Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill will reprise their roles in the second installment of Netflix’s Enola Holmes.

This time, Millie played Enola, the younger sister of Sherlock, who was personified by Henry Cavill, but she was the protagonist, while her brother only helped her become a new investigator. So much so that this particular story was a rage at its premiere so the platform soon confirmed a sequel where, now, Henry Cavill will have a more important role.

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However, in order to carry out your character you will have to change certain attitudes of the first edition so that Netflix don’t be sued again. Is that, because of Enola Holmes 1, the streaming giant received a lawsuit from The Conan Doyle, those in charge of the legacy of Arthur Conan Doyle since, according to them, the character of Henry it has a peculiarity.

Millie Bobby Brown en “Enola Holmes”

Millie Bobby Brown en

Millie Bobby Brown en “Enola Holmes”

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Apparently that Sherlock Holmes show emotions in any of the versions that were made in film or television is something that is subject to copyright. According to what he specified The Hollywood Reporter, The Conan Doyle argued that Sherlock he is, originally, a cold character and, therefore, the versions in which he shows emotions must be consulted beforehand.

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On more than one occasion the same Henry Cavill He went on to say that to prepare this new version of the detective he analyzed, together with the director of the film, his own experiences, relationships with his family and these characteristics were key to the role. However, now, with this small mishap, both the director and his team will have to reconsider all possible options, especially if the artist takes a more important role.

Enola Holmes | Netflix

Enola Holmes | Netflix

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