Netflix wants a ‘Stranger Things’ spin-off with Millie Bobby Brown as the big star

Millie Bobby Brown is a star and one of the greatest attractions for Netflix. The actress, whose career has just begun, rose to fame with Stranger Things on the streaming portal, and since then he has seen how his participation catapulted films like Godzilla: King of the Monsters and Godzilla vs. Kong O Enola Holmes, also from Netflix, and whose sequel was announced a few weeks ago after the tremendous success of the first part.

Now, with the fourth season of Stranger Things Getting closer and closer, those responsible for the platform are looking for ways to expand the series and find new ways to tell the interpreter in future productions and spin-off. As they explained from DeadlineIt seems that Netflix wants to become the home of Millie Bobby Brown.

Millie Bobby Brown: One of the great attractions of the set of Netflix stars

Ted Sarandos, Co-CEO of Netflix, was invited to the Code Conference, a convention in which the main producers and majors of the entertainment world demonstrate muscle and evaluate their commercial strategies. It was in this context that Warner explained that he regrets the strategy followed with HBO Max and the simultaneous premieres and the place where Sarandos has explained what they plan to do with Stranger Things, the Duffer brothers series. We are talking, to put in context, of one of the productions with con greater number of spectators, a whole brand from which to get revenue in the short and medium term. And considering the anticipation that season 4 arouses -which was shown on TUDUM-, it seems that it is logical that they want to squeeze it with new stories, sequels or batches of episodes.

So far it is known that, beyond the seasons that have been foreseen, there will be a spin-off from Stranger Things led by the most popular character, Eleven or Eleven, the one played by Millie Bobby Brown in fiction. Logically, and given that it is one of the possibilities that Netflix’s strategy of creating shared universes full of series and intertwined characters or stories, at the moment there is no more data. They would thus follow the path of The Witcher O Tyler Rake, two large licenses of the streaming portal that will offer their own sequels, derivative series or even animated productions. At the moment, all eyes are on the upcoming season of Stranger Things, which will arrive sometime in 2022.