Netflix sets a return date to ‘A place to dream’

Lately, Netflix lets the actors of its productions give the good news. If last week it was Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke who reported that The fireflies dance had renewed for a second season, this time they are those of A place to dream those with a positive scoop: next Friday, July 9, they will return with a ten-episode third season.

From the plots of the new episodes it is only known that there will be a funeral, a fire, a divorce, a hurricane and a new romance. And there is also another detail that cannot be overlooked: the series titled Virgin River in its original version, it is ahead of its usual broadcast dates. If the first season had premiered in December and the next found its place in the catalog in November, now they directly become a title offered in summer.

Only Netflix knows the reasons, but it could not be ruled out that it is a matter related to Covid-19. After the paralysis of productions in March 2020 due to the pandemic, the adaptation of the filming to the new health protocols and budget adjustments, many series are in filming deadlines very different from those originally foreseen.

A clear case is that of Stranger things, which was speculated that he could disembark in 2020 and in May 2021 we still have no news of his return despite the publication of a second teaser for the fourth season. And, given the delays of certain titles, Netflix could be releasing those series that have been able to finish in a reasonable time and have in the bedroom to premiere on the platform.

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This could also be the reason why so many series have been released in 2021 that they have already released or are about to release second parts: Lupin He arrived in January and returns in June; Who Killed Sara? it aired eight episodes in March and another eight in May; Sky Red returns in July after starting his road trip in March; Y The Money Heist he plans to air the last ten episodes in two fairly straight runs, the first in September and the next in December.

New seasons

‘Lupine’, ‘Who killed Sara?’, ‘Sky Rojo’ and ‘La casa de papel’ will have released two batches of episodes in the same year