Netflix Releases: Films Coming From February 1 to 7 – Movie News

‘Space sweepers’, ‘Malcolm & Marie’ and ‘The last of the Paradiso’ stand out among the new additions to the platform’s catalog.

If you feel like good movies, take note, because Netflix begins the month of February with the most desirable premieres. They top the list, the korean sci-fi film, Space Sweepers, and the drama starring Zendaya and John David Washington, Malcolm & Marie, which it’s already ringing for the Oscars. But they are not the only ones, you can also see the originals All my friends are dead, The Master of Yin and Yang: In Search of Eternity and The Last of the Paradiso. Are you going to miss it?

Then we leave you the list of movies that will be released on Netflix from February 1 to 7.

DO NOT STOP SEEING: ‘Space Sweepers’

Next week you can watch on Netflix Space sweepers, the Korean science fiction film directed by Jo Sung-Hee. Set in the year 2092, the film presents a world in which the Earth is about to disappear as a result of pollution. In this context, four individuals with nothing to lose They go on a space journey to collect all kinds of trash, and to be able to get money to live.

Premiere: February 5th


‘All my friends are dead’

This week the original will also be released on the platform All my friends are dead. In the middle of New Year’s Eve, a group of friends experience a series of situations that bring out some of their best kept secrets. As the evening progresses, these revelations will have consequences they never imagined.

Premiere: February 3rd

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‘The Master of Yin and Yang: In Search of Eternity’

The Master of Yin and Yang: In Search of Eternity is another of the novelties that comes to Netflix next week. The masters of yin and yang are the protagonists of this story, in which they have to come together to fight an evil snake, who has awakened with the intention of ending their worlds.

Premiere: February 4th

Malcolm & Marie

The drama Malcolm & Marie It is one of the most anticipated novelties of Netflix for this beginning of the year. Starring zendaya Y John David Washington, and directed by Sam Levinson (Euphoria), the film tells the story of a film director and his girlfriend. What it looked like it would be a romantic evening to celebrate the premiere of his new movie, turns into a tense night, when both confess their visions about couple relationships.

Premiere: February 5th

‘Big and small women’

Big and small women is the title of the Asian drama that lands on the platform next week. The film shows the decisions that a family makes to face the death of their father. A man who during his life never had a close relationship with those around him.

Premiere: February 5th

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The last of the Paradiso

Romantic drama The last of the Paradiso is another of the original feature films that will premiere on Netflix next week. Starring Riccardo Scamarcio and Gaia Bermani Amaral, the story, inspired by real events, takes us to the Italy of the 50s. There, lives a man, whose forbidden love changes his life completely.

Premiere: February 5th

‘Undress, rebel’

Netflix continues its commitment to documentaries, and this week premieres Get naked, rebel. In it, it is narrated how several women willing to take control of their body, decide to try the world of ‘pole dance’.

Premiere: February 5th



Inspired by Zane’s ‘best-seller’, comes to Netflix Addicted. The ‘thriller’ follows Zoe Reynard, a married businesswoman, who, as a result of her addiction to sex, enters a murky spiral of deceptions, which will have consequences in all aspects of her life.

Premiere: February 1st

A man for eternity

A man for eternity is another of the films that is incorporated into the extensive catalog of the platform. The 1960s classic, directed by Fred Zinnemann and winner of six Oscars, revolves around Thomas More, the humanist who faces the complicated dilemma of whether or not to help King Henry VIII, when he tells him that he wants to separate from his wife, Catherine of Aragon.

Premiere: February 1st

Black Beach

The drama Black Beach, directed by Esteban Crespo, is another of the feature films that the streaming giant will include in its catalog next week. Starring Raúl Arévalo, Paulina García and Candela Peña, the film tells the story of Carlos, an executive who must return to Africa to mediate the kidnapping of a North American engineer. For Carlos, returning to the country where he worked years ago as a United Nations aid worker, leads him to analyze his life as he had not done so far.

Premiere: February 3rd

‘That of being adults’

Swedish romantic comedy That of being adults It is another of the novelties that Netflix incorporates to its catalog. The film tells how a lawyer, with lewd thoughts, begins to rethink whether his life, his work and his partner is what really makes him happy.

Premiere: February 4th

I am not your enemy

Another feature film that is added to the Netflix catalog is the one starring Taraji P. Henson, Sam Rockwell and Wes Bentley. I am not your enemy. Inspired by true events, the film follows Ann Atwater and Ellis, a single mother involved in the fight for the rights of the black population, and a man who had contact with the Ku Klus Klan. Despite this, both decide to join together to achieve the best for their children.

Premiere: February 5th