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Jennifer Lopez she is one of the most popular singers in music. Since the late 90s, the artist managed to conquer the world with her style and personality, something that very quickly turned her into a pop diva, but also one of the most sought-after actresses. And now a new project is in hand and, nothing more and nothing less, than with Netflix. Find out here how this association will be.

The Jennifer Lopez and Netflix partnership

The artist together with her content producer Nuyorican Productions just closed a millionaire contract with the company Reed Hastings to produce different content, such as series and movies, that somehow support the work of actresses, directors and screenwriters. “I am happy to announce my new collaboration with Netflix. There is no better home for us than a bold content creation company that seeks to challenge common sense and directly reach millions of people.”, said the singer.

In an audiovisual world, governed almost entirely by men, in recent years, different initiatives have emerged to give a greater voice to women who dedicate themselves to these disciplines. On the other hand, through the #MeTooHundreds of Hollywood actresses also denounced the wage inequality that they still have to endure in front of their male colleagues in any type of film and regardless of the role they occupy in the production.

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It should also be remembered that this year the second Oscar was awarded to a female director, who was Chloe Zhao, for his work in Nomadland. Something that is not to celebrate at all, because in more than 90 editions, the Academy only took into account the work of two filmmakers, awarding male directors every year.

In this sense, Lopez’s association with Netflix seeks to put a pause on inequality and further show all that women have to say. The announced projects, so far, are two. One is the film The Mother, directed by the filmmaker Niki Caro, director of the live-action of Mulán, and starring Lopez respectively. The second is also a feature film based on a novel by Isabella Maldonado. Its titled The Cipher and it will also feature a performance by the artist.


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