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“A Little Favor”, a comedy created by Paul Feig with the script by Jessica Sharzer, is one of the recent additions to the Netflix platform. Without a doubt, its protagonists are immediately recognizable. Anna Kendrick Y Blake Lively They have a film career in various genres including comedy, drama and action. Attention: spoilers are coming!

Both actresses discovering a toxic friendship. Stephanie (Anna Kendrick) is a young mother of few friends dedicated to two things: her son and fueling her food and crafts vlog. At school he will meet Emily (Blake Lively), a glamorous mom with a lot of success, money and a challenging personality. They become friends, they tell each other secrets, and unexpectedly, Emily disappears.

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On “A little favor” we could say that “we see again” Serena van der Woodsen from “Gossip Girl” after 9 years. Her role as Emily bears similarities to Serena from the teen series for her sophistication, style, and a life of luxury. Even very much like “Gossip Girl”, his character keeps a series of secrets and intrigues that become the main resource of the plot of “A little favor.” All her elegance is contrasted with Stephanie who has bad taste when dressing. The film contrasts the personality of both characters through their clothing.

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Stephanie is a widowed homemaker with a young son. He has no friends (or they dislike him) and to fill all the gaps in his life he creates a vlog (videoblog) about cooking and crafts. The arrival of Emily in his life, with her confident and intimidating personality, causes a sudden change in Stephanie, or maybe it is just the push to show her true personality. That clumsy and shy woman, silly at times, becomes an upstart manipulator who creates situations for her benefit and lies to the Police. It is even discovered that he has a dark and hidden past.

 "A little favor" is a 2018 black comedy recently added to the Netflix catalog.  (Photo: IMDB)
“A Little Favor” is a 2018 black comedy recently added to the Netflix catalog. (Photo: IMDB)



From the beginning, the story is outlined with an aura of mystery and comedy that lasts until the sudden disappearance of Emily who fakes her death to collect an insurance of 4 million dollars. The intrigue to know everything that the characters hide increases because, at one point, they all seem to be in collusion. However, the way in which the character of Stephanie becomes a diligent detective who goes after Emily’s footsteps, traces her past easily and without much effort, finds the right people until she finds Emily’s mother and discovers the truth about his father and sister. Likewise, towards the end of the movie, Sean and Stephanie secretly team up to pantomime and unmask Emily, but we don’t find out about this until they are discovered by the enemy herself. This moment misses the point like the hitting a car at the end of the movie, unnecessary.

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The unhealthy relationship between the two protagonists was no longer exploited, which began to develop well. Both agree to be calculating, unethical and easy to walk on the edge of the law. A bond of complicity in the crime that could have had a happy ending for both of them; however, only Emily is punished, while Stephanie becomes a great influencer.


If you have the courage – and time – to see Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively in an entertaining movie, “A Little Favor” is worth it, a black comedy with at times cruel and absurd humor. Although the performances are good, in this case an unconvincing script prevents them from looking like they should be. Also, keep in mind that the movie is almost two hours long.


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Synopsis: Thrill-hungry single mom Stephanie befriends the glamorous Emily, who asks her for a small favor, only to disappear later.

Duration: 1 hour 56 minutes.

Gender: Mystery, movies based on books, comedy

List: Anna Kendrick, Blake Lively y Henry Golding

Qualification: 16+

Year: 2018.

Similar series: “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you”; “Bad weed”; “The land of constant habits”

Author’s rating: ★★★

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