Naruto: 10 Classic Martial Arts Movies Anime Fans Should Watch

When the anime wanted, Naruto he had excellent martial arts. Any fight with Rock Lee or Might Guy showed great taijutsu, and it wasn’t just them. Many of the early fights were less focused on massive skills, dating back to the days of classic kung fu movies. There is no doubt that martial artists like Bruce Lee or Jet Li would be masters of taijutsu.

Each of them has a few movies that fans from Naruto would enjoy, and they are not the only ones. There are several movies from the 80s and 90s that touch on many of the same themes as Naruto.

10 The Flying Guillotine Master uses strategy the same way he did the first part of Naruto

Master of the Flying Guillotine is the sequel to One-Armed Boxer, a film that, not surprisingly, follows a boxer who only has one arm. That alone already indicates that the fight will be more tactical than in other martial arts movies. This fact becomes even more evident when the assassin sent to kill the boxer is blind.

It is a battle to see who is smarter than the typical fight to see who is the strongest warrior. The way the boxer takes on the flying guillotine of the blind assassin is something straight out of the playbook of Naruto.

9 Drunken Master focuses on a character who is a mix of Jiraiya and Rock Lee

Unlike most martial arts movies of this era, Drunken Master it’s full of humor, and considering the lead actor is Jackie Chan, it’s not hard to see why. Chan was always a master of both humor and martial arts, mixing the two to create some unforgettable movies.

On Drunken Master, Chan plays Wong Fei-Hung, a man who is a mix of Rock Lee and Jiraiya. While fighting, he has the dexterity of a Lee but has the personality of the wise pervert.

8 Five Deadly Poisons uses abilities not unlike those seen in Naruto

Classic martial arts movies didn’t usually use superhuman abilities. Most were more grounded in reality. Five Deadly Venoms is one of the exceptions to that rule, as it has five teachers who have distinctive abilities.

One of the masters can use gravity to his advantage, allowing him to walk and stand on the walls. Another is immune to pain everywhere except the only weak spot in his body. The fact that each of them has a weakness is also reminiscent of the first part of Naruto.

7 Enter the Dragon has a plot similar to that of the Chunin exams

As Bruce Lee’s latest film, it is loved by any martial arts fan and for more reasons than his death. It’s a legitimately great movie and arguably his best movie. The plot is also somewhat similar to the Chunin Exams in that it has fighters from all over the world participating in a massive tournament.

The stakes are a bit different, but it provides equally intense action, all leading to Lee’s final battle with O’Hara, the man responsible for his sister’s death.

6 Way of the Dragon has a final battle that any taijutsu fan would love

MaybeWay of the Dragon may not be Bruce Lee’s most notable film, but it may be the most comprehensive. The film showed that he had a talent for comedy, inserting into it more humor than usual. He didn’t downplay the more intense moments either, as his final battle with Colt is nothing short of fantastic.

Both Lee and Chuck Norris were masters of their craft, putting on a display that would only have been seen in Naruto, if Rock Lee and Might Guy had fought.

5 Fist of Fury has the same sense of national pride as many in Konoha

Nationalism was never a major issue in Naruto, but he was always present in Konoha and in the other nations. Everyone, except perhaps the Hidden Mist, was proud of their place of origin. That feeling of pride spreads in Fist of fury, one of the first of Bruce Lee.

The whole plot consists of Chen Zhen defending China’s honor against Japan, until the end, where it is implied that he dies. That sacrifice is similar to the one Naruto was willing to do in the series.

4 The fist of legend follows a hero willing to do anything for his nation

As a remake of Fist of Fury, Fist of Legend follows a similar story, but makes some plot deviations. Most importantly, instead of Chen Zhen dying at the end of the movie, they stage his death, allowing him to escape.

It’s a brighter ending that’s more in line with what I would do Naruto. Also, Jet Li is able to deliver a deeper performance than Bruce Lee in the movie, which makes you feel more for the characters’ situation.

3 Once Upon A Time in China has the beautiful cinematography expected of a taijutsu match

It is difficult for a live action fight to match the movements of the animation in both speed and fluidity, but Once upon a time in china approaches. The action doesn’t have a breakneck pace, but when the fights do take place, they are quite surprising.

There’s a reason this is one of the movies that helped propel Jet Li to superstardom. He helped show his impeccable style as he told the story of America’s unwanted expansion into China.

2 The Karate Kid is a growth story, just like Naruto’s

Some may tease or laugh that Karate Kid It is considered a classic of martial arts, but it is, without a doubt. Although the sequels leave a lot to be desired, the original is almost perfect.

The action won’t be as jaw-dropping as Jet Li or Bruce Lee, but it makes up for it with the story. The journey is not that different from what Naruto experiences during the first part. Two teachers take care of him, each helping him grow and come of age.

1 Hero is a more modern movie that follows a character similar to Sasuke

Taking into account that Hero It was released nearly twenty years ago, long enough has passed to be considered a classic, and is one of Jet Li’s best films. The story is gripping as it follows Nameless, an assassin who begins the film prepared to assassinate the king.

As the movie progresses, he learns that China should be united rather than divided. He cancels the murder and allows himself to be executed voluntarily. It’s a story that fits Sasuke’s need for revenge a lot.