‘My beautiful laundry’: immigration and underworld


Original title: My Beautiful Laundrette

Year: 1985

Duration: 95 minutes

Country: UK

Direction: Stephen Frears

Script: Hanif Kureishi

Song: Stanley Myers y Ludus Tonalis

Photography: Oliver Stapleton

Distribution: Daniel Day-Lewis, Roshan Seth, Saeed Jaffrey, Gordon Warnecke y Shirley Anne Field

Producer: Film4 Productions y Working Title Films

Gender: Drama / Comedy / Romance

Synopsis: Omar, a young Englishman of Pakistani origin, begins to run his uncle’s laundry with the help of Johnny, a former classmate, the typical English hooligan who does not want to work and is dedicated to threatening immigrants. In addition to running the laundry, Omar and Johnny resume the friendship that united them when they were students. Their relationship as lovers deeply in love scandalized their respective families. (FilmAffinity)

‘My beautiful laundry’ takes us directly to London in the mid-80s. With the United Kingdom in the midst of an economic crisis, during the Margaret Thatcher government, we get closer to the history of the Pakistani community in the country’s capital. We see how this community seeks to get out of poverty, undertake and carve out a niche. We see the social differences and culture clash between hooligans and Pakistani immigrants.

We follow the story of Omar (Gordon Warnecke), who begins to work with his uncle in his workshop. He progresses in the business until his uncle leaves him in charge of another of his businesses: a laundry. To run the business, he will reunite with an old friend, Johnny (Daniel Day-Lewis), with whom he will also resume a love relationship he had in the past.

On ‘My beautiful laundry’ We see on the one hand the way of life of Pakistani immigrants. We see how the feeling of uprooting is important, especially among the oldest. A complicated situation because they do not allow the second generation to integrate completely either. But the problem also comes from the British themselves, who are not able to incorporate foreigners into their society.

My beautiful laundry

In that culture clash is the clash itself between the two protagonists. There is no problem between them, since the personal and work relationship they maintain eliminates this component. But what it does not eliminate is the past, which continually returns. Omar’s father does not accept Johnny after seeing him long ago in a demonstration with his head shaved and supporting fascist proclamations.

The relationship between the two young people will not be seen with good eyes either. They will be discovered by one of Omar’s relatives, who will extort money from them for it. Although, most of the characters in the film are Tolais who do not find out about Mass on average.

The main problem of ‘My beautiful laundry’ it’s his amateur scent. It is shot like a beginner’s movie. The script is interesting, but it is true that it leaves many aspects up in the air and develops others that are not entirely interesting. The end quite caught with tweezers.

‘My beautiful laundry’ It is a social film as only the British can do. He is an amateurish man, but the story he tells plunges us fully into the drama of immigrants and the lower class of England in the mid-1980s.

The best: The work of Daniel Day-Lewis and his portrait of the London underworld of the mid-1980s.

Worst: It’s very amateurish, in a bad way.

My beautiful laundry