Movies and series premiering on Netflix this week

Argentines’ favorite streaming platform continues to surprise its audience and reveals the premieres that arrive this week

The great streaming platform updates its content every week. This means that some of its titles leave its huge catalog, while many others are added.

This week that has just started will be no exception. In this line, Netflix revealed which are the premieres that are incorporated into the platform and probably some of them surprise its users.

You can find movies, series and even documentaries of all kinds of genres and themes. But for you to start building your list, we leave you below the complete list of the titles added to Netflix this week.


1. Tragic jungle (June 9)

To escape an arranged marriage, a woman goes deep into the Mayan jungle, where untamed nature fuses the human with the supernatural.

The story takes place in 1920, on the border between Mexico and Belize, deep in the Mayan jungle, a lawless territory where myths abound. There a group of Mexican chewing gum workers come across Agnes, a mysterious young Belizean. Its presence incites tension between men, awakening their fantasies and desires. Full of new vigor, they face their destiny, not knowing that they woke up Xtabay, a legendary being that lurks in the heart of the jungle.

Indira Rubie Andrewin leads the cast of the film written and directed by award-winning director Yulene Olaizola.


2. Dysomnia (June 9)

After humans lose the ability to sleep, an ex-soldier fights to save her family while chaos takes over society and your mind.

The particularity of the film is that it proposes a different post-apocalypse than what we are used to because of a most particular detail, since something caused all the electronic devices in the world to stop working and also destroyed people’s ability to sleep.

Co-written and directed by Mark Raso, Disomnia features a cast led by Gina Rodriguez, Ariana Greenblatt, Shamier Anderson, Frances Fisher, Finn Jones, Lucius Hoyos, Gil Bellows, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Barry Pepper.


These are the movies and series that premiere on Netflix this week

1. Locombianos (June 10)

Four of the funniest and spiciest Colombian comedians perform before a post-quarantine audience eager for their stories. The stand up stars Freddy Beltrán, Pamela Ospina, Diego Camargo and Catalina Guzmán.


These are the movies and series that premiere on Netflix this week

2. Lupine: Part 2 (June 11)

The series begins where the first part ended. Pursued by Hubert and his henchmen, Assane struggles to find Raoul while trying to come up with a grand plan to expose Pellegrini’s crimes.

The series starring Omar Sy only needed five episodes to become Netflix’s first big hit in 2020.


These are the movies and series that premiere on Netflix this week

3. Love (Special Guests: Marriage and Divorce) – Season 2 (June 12)

Three successful womens who work on a radio show seem happily married. But appearances can be deceiving. They are not alien to drama or pain.

The second season of the prolific South Korean series starring Sung Hoon, Lee Tae-gon, Park Joo-mi, Lee Ga-ryeong, Lee Min-young, Jeon Soo-kyeong, and Jeon No-min arrives on June 12.


These are the movies and series that premiere on Netflix this week