Movies and books about fatherhood to celebrate Father’s Day

  • This Sunday live with your father or family member who has supported you so much.
  • If you don’t want to celebrate, we give you recommendations that can help you.
  • Read and watch movies with us on this date.

Father’s Day is here and, like every year, celebrating with our parents, grandparents, uncles and even in-laws is special.

If you don’t know how to do it or if you just find this date difficult because your father is gone or you never celebrate, we give you some suggestions to talk about fatherhood.


Father’s Day is not complete without a good film about the performance, good or bad, of a parent. We show you some that your dad and you might like.

“Paris, Texas”

This film was directed by Wim Wenders and released in 1984.

The beginning of the plot can seem very strange: Travis Henderson (Harry Dean Stanton) walks through the Texas desert without remembering his identity.

However, he faints and, as they search him, they find a card and a phone number. They call their brother Walt Henderson (played by Dean Stockwell), who has had custody of their son for almost 4 years, when he mysteriously disappeared.

Travis must reconnect with his Hunter, his little one, forge the bond that binds them and look for his wife Jane Henderson (played by Nastassja Kinski).

“Paris, Texas” won the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival.

  • You can see it on Amazon Prime Video, FilmIn and Mubi.

“The bird cage”

Also known as “La cage de las locas” is a film directed by Mike Nichols and released in 1996. It is based on the film “La cage aux folles”, from 1978.

In this production, Armand (Robin Williams) and Albert (Nathan Lane), a homosexual couple, try to pretend they are a traditional family when the biological son of the former announces that he will marry.

The problem is not the marriage, but that Val (Dan Futterman) is the boyfriend of Barbara Keeley (Calista Flockhart), daughter of ultra-conservative senator Kevin Keeley (Gene Hackman).

This leads to tangles, laughter, and the display of unconditional love for your child.

  • You can see it on Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV

«Kramer vs. Kramer»

It is one of the most important films in the careers of Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep, who star in the 1979 production.

In it, Ted Kramer (Hoffman) is abandoned by his wife Joanna (Streep); she decides to get away from both her partner and her little son Billy.

After Ted and Billy settle into a life alone, Joanna returns and wishes to take custody of the child from her.

«Kramer vs. Kramer ”, which was directed by Robert Benton, won 5 Oscars, including Best Picture, Director, Actress and Actor.

  • You can see it on Amazon Prime Video and for rent on YouTube and Google Play.

“The big fish”

It is one of Tim Burton’s most moving films. Released in 2003, it tells the story of Edward Bloom (Ewan McGregor), who for years told magical tales to his wife Sandy (Alison Marion Lohman / Jessica Lange).

However, their son Will (Billy Crudup) doesn’t believe them. After years of estrangement, they talk to each other again and, like a good reporter, he investigates the veracity of the facts.

The film shows the love of parents to children and the reconciliation between them. It’s important to know that Burton lost his mom and dad shortly before directing “The Big Fish.”

  • You can see it on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and for rent on YouTube and Google Play.

“The father”

This film earned Anthony Hopkins his most recent Oscar for Best Actor.

“Anthony (Anthony Hopkins), a scathing, somewhat mischievous 80-year-old man who has stubbornly decided to live alone, rejects each and every caregiver that his daughter Anne (Olivia Colman) tries to hire to help him at home”, according to Film Affinity México.

On this journey, Anthony’s health begins to deteriorate; his mind is increasingly out of touch with reality.



“Thanks for the fire”

Mario Benedetti has been cataloged on social networks as a “sweetened” writer, too sweet with his poetry and novels.

However, the one born in Paso de los Toros, Uruguay, wrote “Gracias por el fuego” in 1965 and it is not at all a tender story between parents and children.

It is the plot where Ramón Budiño wishes to kill his father. Yes, you read that right. It is one of the books that tacitly reflects the discontent, anxiety, and corruption in a troubled Latin America.

“The body in which I was born”

Guadalupe Nettel is one of the most impressive writers of this era and she is proudly Mexican.

In this novel, which is inspired by her life, she shows the plot of a girl who was born with a defect in one eye.

It also reflects the relationship with his father, which was kind, loving and generous. “He didn’t cheat at games, not even for fun.”

“The place”

Annie Ernaux positioned herself as one of the most important authors in France with this text.

In it, “a young aspiring high school teacher passes the training exam at a Lyons high school to the pride of her father, who owns a small business. For him, coming from the harsh rural environment of his grandparents, this means another step forward in his difficult social advancement in a provincial city ”, according to Planeta editorial.

The story takes a turn when one of the characters passes away. Find out what else happens by reading this novel.

“Normal person”

Benito Taibo published this book in 2011 and, with it, he made an entourage of fans who follow him to this time.

It is the story of Sebastián, a child who is orphaned. After this terrible event, his uncle Paco adopts him; they both love each other as father and son.

With them we know any type of stories, we live extraordinary adventures and the best thing: we love the characters.

It is one of the most tender texts for Father’s Day.

“Heritage: a true story”

On Father’s Day we also remember those who have already died. One sample is the novel by Phillip Roth.

It is “a universal portrait in which the author of ‘American Pastoral’ traces the roots of the father-son relationship, but also the vulnerability that love produces when death approaches,” defines the newspaper Vox Pópuli.

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