‘Movie Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool’ – Who is Gloria Grahame? Who is Peter Turner?

Oddly enough, when Peter Turner met his neighbor Gloria Grahame, he had no idea who she was. At that time Google was not at the touch of the index finger on a mobile, nor did it exist, nor was it expected, so what he discovered as their relationship became more intimate, was its true essence.

But as strange as it may seem, to this day, in the era of Wikipedia, many people also do not know who this peculiar actress was, “femme fatale” of the 40s and 50s, with a mischievous face and an extensive aura. Maybe her name doesn’t sound as much as Marilyn Monroe’s because in her day, apparently, she got a lot of bad press for herself. Direct consequence of having your own voice in an industry shielded by silent contracts. Luckily her latest love has done her memory justice and now we have the opportunity to rediscover the undeniable talent of this artist named Gloria Grahame.

Actually, she came to the world as Gloria Hallward, she was born in Los Angeles on November 28, 1923. She grew up sucking on art, since her father, Reginald Hallward, was an architect and her mother, Jean McDougall, was an actress and a drama teacher. Precisely from her mother’s artistic surname, Gloria inherited hers. Her mother was in charge of guiding her as a teacher and manager, so it was inevitable that Gloria would start working on the boards sooner rather than later.

Her talent on stage caught the attention of both locals and strangers, so much so that Louis B. Mayer himself (ultimately, a Metro Goldwyn Mayer heavyweight) offered her a contract that she signed in 1944. At age 21, Gloria he had already made a name for himself in the golden Hollywood. His film debut was in ‘Blonde Fever’ (1944) interpreting the “ingenua” Sally Murfin.

After this film, he worked with Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn themselves on ‘Loveless’ (1945), and although it would not go down in history for these first roles, they did serve as a precedent for those to come. The first major milestone for the public, not his career, came from the hand of Frank Capra in 1946, in ‘Living is beautiful!’. From here on, his name is more familiar to us … and that Metro Goldwyn Mayer decided not to renew his contract.

In 1947 a new stage began in another big one, RKO, playing some of her most famous roles: Ginny in ‘Crossroads of hatreds’ (1947), thanks to which he obtained his first Oscar nomination; Susan Caldwell in ‘A woman’s secret’ (1949); or the mythical Laurel Gray in ‘In a lonely place’ (1950), that woman who doubted Humphrey Bogart and who made the rest of the world wonder if the actor had more complicity with her or with his wife Lauren Bacall …

After this, Gloria married, artistically, with everyone and with nobody. The same people who had dispensed with her hired her again and put their only Oscar in her hand: The one who won for her role in ‘Captives of evil’ in 1953. He made more than 60 films, but after the 1950s his career began to plummet, among other things due to the public image that he exported, not suitable for the honeyed of the most puritanical Hollywood.

In summary, we tell you that she was married four times … the last one to Anthony Ray, precisely the son of her second husband, Nicholas Ray. From this relationship all kinds of speculation, rumors and lies arose. However, it was their longest relationship, it lasted 14 years, and ended in the mid-70s. After this phase of her life, Gloria left the United States, moved away from all luxury and began a full stage in every way.

She found success and happiness in the theater, the medium that saw her grow up, and in England her place. This is where Peter Turner crossed paths with her, in a Liverpool pension, and began the relationship that now leads to remembering this diva with all her vitality … and of course, also, has inspired the realization of ‘Movie stars don’t die in Liverpool‘, a film available in Spanish cinemas from May 18 starring Annette Bening and Jamie Bell.

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Movie stars don't die in Liverpool