Millie Bobby Brown to Sue TikToker Hunter Echo for Lying About Their Relationship | Entertainment

The influencer posted an apology regarding his statements, but that’s not enough for the ‘Stranger Things’ star’s team.

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The Millie Bobby Brown’s team to take legal action against Hunter Echo, TikToker and model who alluded to his relationship with the actress. “Mr. Ecimovic’s statements on social networks are not only false, but they are irresponsible, offensive and full of hatred,” said a spokesperson for the protagonist of Stranger Things.

Instead of participating in a public speech with him through the press or networks, we will take action to ensure that you end this behavior once and for all”, He explained to TMZ, without clarifying which parts of his statements were insincere or dishonest.

What did Echo say about Millie Bobby Brown?

The controversy began this Monday (July 12), when Hunter Ecimovic stated via Instagram Live that Millie Bobby Brown had a crush on him and that they were involved in sexual acts. “Imagine being an adult and dating a girl”, stated Echo, who was allegedly related to the actress when she was 16; and he, 20.

This is serious considering that in California the age of sexual consent is 18 years. “I know, I did grooming“He added, hinting that he established an emotional bond with Millie, a minor, to obtain sexual favors.

“Everything I did was completely legal and approved by everyone,” said Hunter Echo. “How could there be a lawsuit? His mom and dad knew everything ”, added the influence, who allegedly lived with the family for 8 months.

Not much is known about the alleged relationship between Hunter Echo and Millie Bobby Brown, who is currently dating Jake Bongiovi, son of Jon Bon Jovi. Of what there is a record is of some photos in which it is clear that they do know each other and lived together for a friendly time.