Millie Bobby Brown is now the girlfriend of Bon Jovi’s son (Jake Bongiovi): photos

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It seems like yesterday that Millie Booby Brown swept the hands for her performance on the show. Stranger Things. Being only 12 years old at the time, everyone was in awe of the performer’s innate talent behind “Eleven.”

However, time does not pass in vain: today, Millie is already almost 18 years old, and in fact, even a romance within the same entertainment that has surrounded her since she was little.

After having successfully appeared in other great films, Millie for now is focused on relaxing and taking time off the screen. This fact has been used to fuel her romance with Jake Bongiovi.

19-year-old Jake Bongiovi is none other than the son of legendary musician Bon Jovi. Thanks to numerous “accident” photos and the occasional post on social networks, it is known that he was chosen by Millie after a long line of suitors.

Recently, the actress and Jake were caught walking around New York City. On numerous occasions, they have held hands for walks, and furthermore, Jake is known to be already familiar with Bobby Brown’s pet dogs as he takes care of them many times himself. Not just anyone is given such a noble job!

Although Jake does not have a career in show business as such and carries his university studies discreetly, he is used to the spotlight since childhood, after all, his father is one of the most legendary musicians in the world,

It is extremely difficult to know if this teenage romance will flourish. For now, none of the young people have made their relationship public, but the images that involve them speak for themselves.

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