Millie Bobby Brown, in love with the son of a great star?

Full and successful both professionally and personally. This is the stage you are going through Millie Bobby Brown. At only 17 years old, the protagonist of such popular titles as Stranger Things O Enola Holmes she can boast not only of being one of the actresses of the moment, but also that love smiles at her. After dating Romeo Beckham, the singer Jacob Sartorius or the rugby player Joseph Robinson for some time, everything indicates that she is once again excited about the son of an international star in the music industry. The actress, who has a great connection with Spain because she was born in Marbella and continues to travel to the Andalusian city whenever she can, would have started a relationship with Jake Bongiovi, who is 19 years old and the third of the four children of Jon Bon Jovi and Dorothea Hurley.


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-That’s Paige Brown, Millie Bobby Brown’s sister and new co-worker

At the beginning of the month, Jake, who is dedicated to the world of interpretation, shared with his followers a photo with Millie Bobby Brown. Both appeared in a car and the only message that accompanied this snapshot was BFF (Best friends forever, which in Spanish means best friends forever). The fans of the actress, who has become a phenomenon in recent years, soon began to speculate that there is something more between the two than that friendship that Jon Bon Jovi’s son spoke of. Everything seems to indicate that this connection has been transformed little by little and they have photographed together walking very affectionately through the streets of New York as shown People.


In the aforementioned images we see Millie and Jake walking through the Big Apple without letting go of hand. The interpreter wears a pink skirt and a white T-shirt while her boy copes with the summer temperatures with a set consisting of striped pants and beige short-sleeved shirt with an embroidered palm tree on the left pocket. What’s more, Jon Bon Jovi’s son (the artist also has acting experience) carries Winnie the Pooh, her pet, in a bag. This cute brown poodle is very important for the actress and producer since it helps her with anxiety that he suffers from and about which he has publicly confessed on occasion. In this regard he has also said that, in addition to his animals, his family and his group of unconditional friends are vital to face this problem.


His most sincere accounts

Despite being reserved, Millie Bobby Brown is aware that she has become a benchmark for many young people her age. That is why there are complicated episodes in his life that he has wanted to share in order to help other people who are going through this situation. The protagonist of Stranger Things has told that he has hearing problems or that when he went to school in England they made him bullying and strives to give visibility to testimonials and campaigns to end it. “I changed schools because of it. It created a lot of problems for me, such as anxiety, that I still deal with today. I have dealt with situations, both in real life and online, that break your soul and it really hurts to read some of the things that people have told me, “he said. He also acknowledged that, despite the roles he has played and the awards received, on occasion, such as when the they rejected for Game of ThronesShe felt discouraged and wanted to throw in the towel.

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