Millie Bobby Brown dates Jon Bon Jovi’s son

At 17, Millie Bobby Brown is one of the great promises in the world of acting and the success of her leading roles in fictions such as Stranger Things O Enola Holmes, both from Netflix, have given her Hollywood celebrity status. The young woman tries to lead the closest thing to a normal life and, as is normal for her age, love has knocked on her door on several occasions. Now she has been seen in the company of a young man with a very affectionate attitude, a boy who is neither more nor less than the son of Jon Bon Jovi.

Millie Bobby Brown arouses great media interest and her fans around the world number in the millions. Each of his steps is followed, whether for professional, philanthropic or private life issues.

Millie Bobby Brown

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On this occasion, the artist is in the news for having been hunted through the streets of New York in the company of a young man who could be her new partner. The images are published by the magazine People and the boy’s identity is Jake Bongiovi, the son of singer Jon Bon Jovi.

A few months ago, the young man, who is the third of the four descendants of the singer and his wife, Dorothea Harley, uploaded a photo on his social networks in which he was inside a car accompanied by Millie. “BFF”, that is, the acronym for Best Friends Forever which means “best friends forever” in English was the text that accompanied the image.

Millie Bobby Brown and her boyfriend, Jake Bongiovi

Millie Bobby Brown and her boyfriend, Jake Bongiovi


But it seems that their friendship has turned into something more and that both have decided to move to another level. In the photos we see them holding hands, she in a white skirt and T-shirt and he in colored shorts and a T-shirt with palm trees in a very American style.

Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi, aged 17 and 19 respectively, wore their masks but did not go unnoticed by the press. In addition, the young woman carried a bag with her puppy inside, Winnie de Poh, a pet that has been a great help for her when it comes to coping with her anxiety problems.

At the moment neither of the two has confirmed their relationship but the published images, which are already circulating all over the internet, are the proof that their fans needed to confirm that the actress is in love again.