Millie Bobby Brown confesses something about her nails in ‘Stranger Things’


In just a couple of years, Millie Bobby Brown – Let us remember: he is only 17 – he has become one of the most sought-after faces and that arouses the most interest in Hollywood. Her role in ‘Stranger Things’, as well as her other roles completely focused on a teenage audience, have raised her to the status of an unstoppable star. A title that quickly found reinforcement in its own style, which has been echoed by specialized fashion media from all over the world. Everything that the young woman wears is interesting. Proof of this is that in 2019 she already launched ‘Florence By Mills’, her makeup brand that you can find in Douglas and that, to no one’s surprise, was and is a success. The link between Brown and the profitable empire of ‘beauty’ was already forged. Hence, his latest statements for the American edition of the magazine ‘ELLE’ have attracted so much attention. In these lines, he delves into his famous character Eleven and tells what he does not like about her.

Specifically, he delves into the fact that when he plays the young woman who turns Hawkins upside down, he has to remove the nails that he wears in his day to day and of course, suffers. She has a bad time because, according to her, getting a manicure is one of her favorite things about her ‘looks’ and she always tries to have this area ‘on point’ that, unfortunately, does not usually do much ‘match’ with the roles that she has to play. interpret.

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This is how she details it herself:

“While we shoot, I can’t get my nails done. Most of my characters can’t wear them, which is depressing for me. For ‘Godzilla Vs. King Kong’ I was able to wear military green ones, which were not bad, although now I have a manicure that has a mint green tip. Sadly I will have to take them off when we record again ”.

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