Mickey Rourke goes viral thanks to his new face

Actor and boxer Mickey Rourke, one of the most desired cinematic faces of the 1980s, has once again been the topic of conversation in Twitter for some pictures from 2018 that have flooded the networks in the last hours. In the images the American appears swollen and with a unnatural face, as some Internet users have pointed out, more typical of a Halloween mask.

The cause of this strange appearance would not be other than this unsuccessful result of the aggressive aesthetic adjustments that the actor has been doing over the years. The aesthetic changes from Rourke they are no longer news in Hollywood, although these last photographs have been the pretext for new jokes and memes on the net. The actor also sported a strange, highly artificial hairline. Rourke He has always justified his surgery due to the need to fix his face after his long career as a boxer.

Last January the actor shared a selfie on Instagram in which her face was not as alarming as in the old images that have now gone viral. In the image Rourke poses with his dog Beau Jack who has become an inseparable companion since he was close to taking his own life. “When I was looking for where to place the barrel on my head, my dog ​​Beau Jack appeared and whimpered. Then I looked into his eyes, he looked at me and I understood that he was saying to me: ‘Who will take care of me?’ And then I realized that dying was not worth dying, “said the actor.

Away from the spotlight for some years and only being news for his famous changes of face, the one who was the protagonist of the film Nine and a half weeks (1986) or The heart of the angel (1987), it seems that the actor is beginning to recover Well, he is shooting his first movie since 2016. In the film Twilight into the darkness he will play a detective.