Mickey Rourke confesses that his dog saved him from suicide | Style

The actor with his pet in Beverly Hills this summer.CORDON PRESS

A few years ago, when nobody remembered the protagonist of Nine weeks and a half, when Mickey Rourke was sunk and his wife had left him, the actor decided to end his life, as he has recounted in the documentary Eating happiness. “When I was looking for where to place the barrel on my head, my dog ​​appeared Handsome Jack and groaned. Then I looked into his eyes, he looked at me and I understood that he was saying to me: ‘Who will take care of me?’ And then I realized that dying was not worth dying, “says Rourke, 63.

The documentary in which he revealed the harsh episode, which Rourke places at the beginning of the last decade, premiered last Monday in the United States and deals with the dog meat industry in Asia and the cruel and brutal trafficking of dogs before being slaughtered. Mickey Rourke now has six other pets and in his speech when he received the Golden Globe for Best Actor for his role in The fighter —The film with which he returned to the big screen— referred to his ‘friends’ with tender words: “Sometimes when a man is alone, all he has is his dog. It means a lot to me. My dogs are everything that is worth in life. They were there when there was no one else. ” Now his phrase has made sense after the story of his episode.

In the year 2000, Handsome Jack He died of a heart attack and the interpreter has assured that he did everything possible to save him, “I even gave him word of mouth for 45 minutes, but it didn’t help.” Rourke has also become a great supporter and ambassador for the PETA organization.

Rourke went from being a myth of the eighties – and almost a sex symbol after her role with Kim Basinger — to sport an unrecognizable and ungainly image. His fame as a rebellious boy overtook him and his light began to dim at his refusal to submit to the rules of Hollywood. The actor divorced his first wife, Debra Feuer, in 1981 and married his co-star in Wild OrchidCarré Otis, in 1992, whose tumultuous relationship – Rourke was arrested by the police accused of sexist violence – ended in 1998.

Although the nineties started well for him, they didn’t end the same way. Rourke was locked into a spiral of alcohol after his last divorce and lived in a Los Angeles apartment. He even had to sell his motorcycle collection to survive. The boxing fights then destroyed his face, for which he had to undergo various cosmetic operations that did not go well and left him totally deformed. Last year he announced his return to ring, under the orders of veteran Marvin Somodio. “Boxing has always been a very serious part of my life. It has taught me respect and determination, patience and focus. I have always dreamed of a fight in Russia “said the actor in statements collected by the newspaper Daily Mail.