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10 years ago Michelle Williams was little more than Heath Ledger’s ex. The woman who fell in love with the Australian interpreter on the set of on forbidden land (2005) and gave birth to his only daughter, Matilda. Little Ledger is now 12 years old and almost as tall as her mother, although her face brings to life the smile of her father, who died in 2008 of an accidental overdose at just 28 years old and had a great career ahead of him. Many more things have happened in the life of Williams, at 37 years old one of the most sought after actresses in Hollywood.

“Few are able to communicate like her on the screen and cooperate in such a way off it,” he said of actress Ridley Scott after working together on All the money in the world. The movie, a thriller based on the kidnapping of John Paul Getty III, is the center of another drama. Scott, along with Williams and the rest of the cast, made an unprecedented decision, reshooting Kevin Spacey’s scenes to remove the actor accused of sexual abuse from the film. The film also became the latest example of gender pay discrimination in Hollywood when it was revealed that Mark Wahlberg was paid a thousand times more than Williams for the same days of filming. A difference that the actor wanted to eliminate by donating his salary to the Time’s Up movement of which the actress has become one of its main voices.

Pregnant Michelle Williams and Heath Ledger at a premiere in 2005.cordon press

Ask. Its success in recent months, with two premieres as all the money in the world Y the great showman In addition to its Golden Globe nomination, it comes accompanied by more bitter moments.

Answer. It is curious that change always comes accompanied by great suffering. I’m not just talking about myself when I say that the last few months have been incredibly challenging, traumatic, unnerving and painful because we all have stories to tell. But it also doesn’t escape me that I will give my daughter a better, safer world. As hard as this moment is, optimism can get me.

P. Are you mad at Kevin Spacey?

Michelle Williams and her daughter Matilda, last summer.
Michelle Williams and her daughter Matilda, last summer.gtresonline

R. I’m angry at the people he’s hurt. My heart aches for the victims of your tyranny. That’s more important than the movie. But we couldn’t let the bad guys win, let the victims of their abuse see their faces everywhere. My daughter was the first to tell me that she couldn’t afford it. And I was the first to offer my work even for free if necessary. “You can keep my salary,” I told them. It’s not that much anyway,” he says between laughs.

P. As a single, working mother, how complicated was it to arrange your return to filming?

R. Thanksgiving week on top! But that’s what family and friends are for. Matilda was showered with offers. And I went to Italy with nine dedication cards from my daughter to encourage me the nine days I was away. Cards that reminded me that not every day one has the opportunity to stand up to a bully (bully).

P What did he lean on?

R. Friendship is essential. The place where you feel heard and feel unconditional support. As they say, lovers come and go. Love is fuel but friendship is eternal. Although it is a pity that I usually have little time left to cultivate my friends.

P. What would you spend all the money in the world on?

R. In food and in my daughter’s school. And if I could, to sleep more.

Michelle Williams with Natalie Portman, America Ferrera, Jessica Chastain, Amy Poehler and Meryl Streep with other activists at the last Golden Globes.
Michelle Williams with Natalie Portman, America Ferrera, Jessica Chastain, Amy Poehler and Meryl Streep with other activists at the last Golden Globes.Cordon Press

P. Do you like the color black?

R. Not bad, it’s a basic color. Hit with everything. Seriously, I am aware of the divisions that come with the beginning of any movement. There are many feelings and passions that accompany the process. It is comparable to interpretation. As Meryl Streep says, there is nothing worse than rehearsals but the important thing is what you get. We cannot lose sight of the goal. The last few months have felt like an earthquake that has shaken everything around us. Some of us have even had a brick fall on our heads. And it hurts. But I’m glad of the bump because that’s the only way we can start rebuilding.