Michael Fassbender could join the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe began on January 15 with the premiere of WandaVision – 95% on the Disney Plus platform, but bigger things are yet to come. The new saga requires new actors, so a good handful will join the ranks of the studio to make sense of the upcoming adventures. An exclusive report from Giant Freaking Robot points out that Michael Fassbender is in negotiations to work on the MCU, but stop there superhero fans, since his character would have nothing to do with what they are imagining. The rumor mentions that the company did not offer him the role of Magneto, but a very different one.

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For several years, Michael Fassbender He played Magneto in the X-Men saga created by Fox. He began this adventure with X-Men: First Generation – 87%, playing a young Magneto, later appeared in X-Men: Days of Future Past – 91%, X-Men: Apocalipsis – 48% and finally in X-Men: Dark Phoenix – 29%, a film that turned out to be a disaster because Disney had already bought Fox for its premiere. Dark Phoenix they changed their third act completely, something that altered the rhythm of the film and that for many fans just did not make sense. The story of the mutants in Fox was far from closing with a flourish.

Giant Freaking Robot notes that the alleged negotiations between Michael Fassbender and Marvel Studios would cast the actor as Doctor Doom in Fantastic Four. Recall that this group of superheroes also remained under the power of Fox for many years, but in 2019 they were under the power of Disney and now Kevin Feige can make new movies with them. That Fassbender becomes the enemy of the powerful quartet does not sound crazy, as the actor meets the requirements of the character very well. But only time will tell us if the rumor is true or if it will remain as a “would” in time.

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On a couple of occasions Fox wanted to be successful with two groups of Fantastic 4 but things did not go well. Now Marvel Studios has a great gem under its power and must be very careful when introducing the new team, one wrong step and it will be their undoing. These superheroes are too beloved by the public and their entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe has long been demanded; we hope executives know how to give the public just what they want. At the moment we will have to wait a little longer until we have answers to the big questions of the new phase in the MCU.

For a long time, fans of the MCU demanded John Krasinski as the interpreter of Reed Richards in some future adaptation of the superhero. In social networks and other pages it is possible to find fan-arts or images mounted with the actor’s face on top of the body corresponding to Mr. Fantastic. With many requests from the public, it is not strange to think that Marvel Studios is looking to please their fans with the choice of John for the role. He along with Emily Blunt seem to be the perfect couple to play Reed and Sue Storm, the ultimate fan dream for these characters.

The next Marvel Studios movie is Black Widow, a spy and intrigue adventure starring Natasha Romanoff. Its original release date was affected by the health crisis but it will hit the bill on May 7 (at least we hope so). Will it be the last time we look at the famous Black Widow in the MCU? The character died during the events of the last Avengers movie, but we know that’s no excuse for not bringing her back in the future, as well as everyone who has left, not with the multiverse too close.

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