Michael Fassbender and his lessons on dressing well after 40

Just by taking a look at Michael Fassbender you can tell this is a man who knows what to do with clothes, how to wear them to look amazing every time, and who doesn’t let something as simple as age become an excuse to stop wearing what he likes , and that’s something we all need to learn from him.

In the world there are a few men who become icons of style (Paul Newman, Beckham, McQueen, Dean and many other icons of the golden age of cinema and today), in tasteful references and guides that millions follow to know what to use in different situations, Michael Fassbender is clearly one of them, and not because he never makes mistakes, but because he always finds a way to make things work (like a Hawaiian shirt or a white suit), even when not many would dare to wear it.

Celebrities are not like usThey have stylists and experts dedicated to ensuring that every detail of their appearance is perfect at all times, but that does not mean that we cannot take them as a reference to score points when it comes to our own look.

Each stage of life comes with different changes (especially in clothing), at 40 you are supposed to be a little more mature, you stop caring what others want and you can really do what you want, and your style should be a reflection of that. You don’t have to transform into your dad (Fassbender makes that clear), but you do have to pay a little more attention to what you do and wear., and that’s where having a style guide can help you.

The 43-year-old actor is one of the best-dressed men in Hollywood, and he has a few lessons to apply if you’ve already made it to the 4th floor and are a bit lost when it comes to style.

You can be casual without losing elegance

Being 40 does not mean that you should dress in a suit every day or be too formal, you can wear casual looks, but, they can no longer be like the ones they used in adolescence (which ends at 30). Fassbender chooses good quality pieces and neutral colors that remain comfortable. The key is that your clothes are in good condition and that they complement the look with accessories and pieces in good condition. You can still wear your favorite tennis shoes, but they must be perfectly clean.

Elevate your look with a key piece

An important point to always look good is to have enough basic pieces in your closet, good jeans, white shirts, t-shirts and simple and easy-to-match sweaters, this will help you put together a good look, which you can elevate by adding a piece interesting, like a military jacket, a bomber jacket or a biker jacket. These should be pieces that you can use in many different ways and that you can rotate so that your daily uniform looks different.

Classics, but with a twist

Every man needs a good suit, but that does not mean that it has to be too serious, you can play with different ties, patterns and colors that are a reflection of your personal style. Any color can work if you know how to wear it (and three-piece suits always work)

Rebel with a cause

Fassbender has a casual look with little touches of rebellion, like a messy hairstyle, biker jackets, military-inspired pieces and more that are classic without being boring, and that help you show the system that you are going to wear what you like and not what the world says you should wear.

Simplicity is the key

Don’t try to use too many accessories, colors or patterns, the simplicity not only makes it easier to get dressed in the morning, believe it or not, it also helps create a timeless look since you don’t look like one of those clinging to your youth that they only manage to look older than they are.

Your comfort comes first

You are 40, stop worrying about what others think, at this stage of life, it is about wearing only pieces that make you feel comfortable with yourself, that helps you to have more confidence, and a man with good self-esteem always looks good (ok, maybe not, but it helps).

Be consistent

At this point, you should already have a personal style, it is about having coherence, dressing in a way that goes according to your personality and not changing your style every day, that will only leave you confused and it will do that you have the closet full of pieces that do not combine with each other. And consistency should also apply in your grooming, your hairstyle and beard are also part of your look and you must take care that they really reflect what you want.