Michael Douglas hates being mistaken for his daughter’s grandfather

The winner of an Oscar as an actor in 1976 and another as a producer in 1988, Michael Douglas considered one of the best Hollywood performers, confessed in a TV program that he is happy to have been a father when he was older, but what It bothers him is that people believe that his children are his grandchildren. And there is no shortage of someone who approaches him and tells him personally, to which he sometimes clarifies the situation, sometimes not, because everything happens very quickly.

It happened recently when his daughter Carys, who is 18 years old, graduated from college. The event took place outdoors and was attended by several relatives of the graduate. After they gave him the graduation certificate, the congratulatory hugs came, and several people approached the artist and said “Congratulations, you must be proud because your granddaughter has already finished school”, which was not very funny to him.

Douglas stated that at first he took the trouble to clarify that she is not his granddaughter, but his daughter, many times quickly. But afterwards he was only grateful, because he understood that due to the age difference it could well have been his grandfather.

The artist recognized that the years pass, that time does not forgive and that his head covered with white hair indicates that life has passed. He is no longer the heartthrob of the 80s and 90s, when he was a conqueror of ladies and always made the lists of the most attractive of the film mecca.

The American Michael Douglas has been married for 21 years to fellow Welsh actress Catherine Zeta Jones, 51 years old. They have two children, Dylan (20) and Carys (18), with whom they still live in their California residence.

He belongs to a dynasty of renowned Hollywood actors, which included his late father Kirk Douglas, a whole dynasty of cinema, and one of his brothers, Peter Douglas, who is also an artist.