Mexican in the Marvel universe; now participates in “Black Widow”

Every time to study Marvel and the public that participates in the focus groups do not like what they see filmed, a Mexican takes the camera to shoot new scenes that will be included in the final cut.

Gabriel Beristain (Blade 2 and Claws) is the ace up the production company’s sleeve, who gives it the confidence to humanize Tony Stark in Iron Man with its lens, give more action to characters from Guardians of the Galaxy or until completing an ending that did not quite please.

“I have done many retakes and reshoots for them, I have been in Iron Man Y Thor 1 2 and 3; in the world of Marvel they let the director do his version, but once the tests are done, new conditions are created, they figure out if they should change one character or upload (in screen time) to another ”, he says.

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“In Avengers, to Loki They killed it quickly, but they saw that it liked it a lot and they grew it. When I made the first Iron Man they thought I was a great superhero, but it was necessary to humanize him, so it was to film more scenes that served that purpose; They see others as very human, so you have to upload them to calibrate them more as fighters; I have a good relationship with Marvel and they trust me; also for DC I did the Suicide Squad when they decided to make another ending, ”adds Beristain about his work.

In Black Widow it will be the first time that the Beristain credit appears as main. Photo: Courtesy

His credit is not exactly among the main ones of the films, because if there is something that the filmmakers defend, he points out, it is their chosen cinematographer. So to visualize Beristain, one must keep looking at the final list where the credits of the hundreds of people who participated in the films appear.

But next month his name will appear among the main ones when it is released “Black Widow”, which will show the origins of The Black Widow in the skin of Scarlett Johansson, under the direction of Cate Shortland.

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And in it, given his experience, he became the godfather of the Australian filmmaker, who learned very quickly.

“Brothers Russo (Avengers: endgame) are technical, one works in that aspect and the other in the artistic one, but Cate did not come with that training, she had not done things with large budgets, but from a tradition of intimate films of women and “Black Widow” If you take away all the action and effects, it is the story of two sisters with magnificent performances, a beautiful film remains ”, assures the director.

“I have always been passionate about comics and graphic novels, the characters have a very interesting dramatic curve, the stories are part of pop culture and for this reason Marvel insists on bringing directors with a dramatic vision and putting specialists in effects to reach height levels ”.


Beristain proposed that “Black Widow” be filmed with three cameras, something that initially did not convince the director, but that she ended up accepting when she saw the possibilities granted by placing that third lens in a non-traditional place.

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“I always illuminate all of them, for whatever is filmed,” says the photographer, who has worked on action series such as Hawai 5.0 Y MacGyver.

“I have always been a lover of musical theater, of musical cinema, for me a superhero fight is a choreography, it is our ballet, our contemporary dance. In these films the director must adapt his visual concept to a series of clear and technical variants that are determined by the special effects, by the stunts (stunts) and above all, by the mythology that exists behind the characters ”.

Gabriel praises the acting quality of Johansson, who was filming the film when it was nominated for two Oscars for her work on A Marriage Story and Jojo Rabbit.

“Not only is she someone who transforms into a superhero, but she’s a super actress, which is who these roles are for; for example, many forget that Robert Downey Jr. was a brilliant promising actor, and there are others.

“On the set she learned the movements, the action coordinator taught her and after 10 minutes she had mastered them, of course, she had to do them for when the camera took her, we had to protect her, she was not allowed to take action in case she hurt herself, seeing an actress like her is impressive ”.

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The photographer and director has been working abroad for more than 30 years.

Direction. His debut film was El grito (2000), starring Yareli Arizmendi.

Premiere. He has just directed the short film The caddy, starring Ron Perlman and Manu Vega, which he wants to run festivals and turn into a feature film.

Duo. He worked with Guillermo del Toro on Blade II.

At Marvel. He has made remakes and reshoots for them, in Iron Man (2008) and Thor, 1, 2 and 3, among others.

With DC. He worked on Suicide Squad (2016), when his creatives decided to make another ending.


“I have a good relationship with Marvel and they trust me; also for DC I did the Suicide Squad when they decided to make another ending “. Gabriel Beristain. Director of photography