Messi visited the restaurant of the stars in Miami

La Pulga, who is enjoying her vacations in the United States, went to a well-known dining venue attended by celebrities such as Michael Jordan, Lenny Kravitz and John Travolta.

After the history of obtaining the Copa América with the Argentine National Team, Lionel Messi enjoys his vacation in Miami, United States, along with his entire family, waiting to resolve his continuity at Barcelona.

Two days ago, in his first hours in the United States, at the exit of a coffee The flea was besieged by a crowd of people euphoric that they sought to capture the moment and that, to the cry of “Let’s go champion”, they pounced on Messi, which as he could finally managed to “escape”.

Nevertheless, on friday night, the ten He chose to go to one of the most exclusive restaurants in Miami. Prima Pasta, food place attended by celebrities like Michael Jordan and John Travolta, It was the choice of the ten and his family to have a quieter evening.


Also, to this renowned food place different famous Argentines also attended. Among them: Ángel Di María, Ricardo Darín, Guillermo Francella and Diego Torres.

It should be noted that, In order not to suffer the same inconveniences as the night before, the owner of the restaurant organized a large security logistics before the arrival of La Pulga. “They contacted me from the family. I spoke with my employees and with the security that works with us for more than 20 years, which we use when an important person comes along. The logistics were the same that we used with other personalities, but treating them as if they were just another client, explained the businessman to Infobae.


At about ten o’clock on Friday night, Messi with all his family (more than 20 people) They entered the food court through a back door leading to the kitchen.

Once dinner was over, La Pulga gave the owner of the place an autographed Argentina shirt. What’s more, the crack had a great gesture with the son of one of the bartenders, a boy who plays for Ives State Thunder Soccer and who is close to arriving at Inter Miami (David Beckham’s franchise). They both talked about football and ten signed a shirt for him.

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