Megan Fox’s tattoo collection

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Megan Fox is back in the media spotlight, after being ‘out’ for a few years. The actress has reappeared in style as the style icon we needed in 2021. If there is one thing that in all this time has not changed a bit, it is his passion for tattoos. Few things are more addictive for the interpreter than ‘tattoos’ and every so often a new one has been made.

The actress’s passion for tattoos comes from a young age. His first inscription with ink under the skin was made when he was only 18 years old. By then, I was a big fan of Marilyn Monroe so that was precisely his first ‘tattoo’. A drawing that, years later, she would end up erasing after stating that she was “a negative character” and that she did not want to be associated with her.

Most of his tattoos are words, some of them heartbreak. And yes, Megan could not resist getting a ‘tattoo’ in honor of her partner, Machine Gun Kelly. This is precisely the last one he has opted for and curiously, it is written in Spanish.

Do you also love ink? We collect the ‘tattoos’ that the actress has to inspire you for your next visit to the tattoo studio.

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Crescent moon and star

Megan has a crescent moon and a star on his right ankle. Interestingly, it is his only tattoo in color.


Shakespeare Quote

The right side of the actress’s back is also adorned with a tattoo. On this occasion, he was inspired by Shakespeare’s play ‘King Lear’, and one of his quotes: “We will all laugh at the golden butterflies.”


Marilyn Monroe’s face

Megan has always admired Marilyn Monroe, so when she turned 18 she decided to get her face tattooed on her arm. However, in 2011 he would end up erasing it.


Chinese symbol

On the back of his neck he has a Chinese symbol that represents strength.


‘The gunman’ in honor of his partner

This is one of Megan’s newest tattoos (she got it done in 2020 in honor of her current partner, Machine Gun Kelly). It is an inscription in italics that reads ‘El Pistolero’.


Símbolo de ying-yang

One of his first tattoos was the yin-yang symbol. Two intertwined waves that the actress said symbolized her love of surfing.


Love poem

The tattoo on the actress’s rib is a poem that she wrote herself and in it you can read the following: “Once upon a time there was a girl who did not know love until her heart was broken.” Fans believe it was done by actor Mickey Rourke, who is rumored to have had a thing with, although it was never confirmed.

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