Matthew Goode, Giovanni Ribisi, Colin Hanks y Dan Fogler se une a ‘The Offer’

Matthew Goode (‘The discovery of witches’), Giovanni Ribisi (‘Sneaky Pete’), Colin Hanks (‘Fargo’) and Dan Fogler (‘The Walking Dead’) have joined the cast of ‘The Offer’, Paramount + miniseries that over 10 episodes tell us the story of how it was made ‘The Godfather‘from the point of view of Canadian producer Al Ruddy.

Miles Teller (replacing the initially announced Armie Hammer) will lead his cast giving life to the aforementioned Ruddy. Goode will portray fellow producer Robert Evans, Ribisi as mobster Joe Colombo, Hanks as Gulf + Western executive Barry Lapidus, and Fogler as director Francis Ford Coppola.

The series is developed and written by Michael Tolkin, responsible for the wonderful ‘Fuga en Dannemora’, and Nikki Toscano (‘Hunters’), who also served as showrunner. In turn, Tolkin, Toscano and Teller will serve as executive producers alongside Leslie Grief (‘Hatfields & McCoys’) and Ruddy himself. For his part Dexter Fletcher (‘Rocketman’) direct several of its episodes, including the first and last.

‘The Offer’ narrate the turbulent production of this Hollywood classic from the point of view of Ruddy, a veteran producer still active in whose resume we find titles such as ‘The Cannonball Fools’, ‘Megaforce’, ‘Prisoners of the sky’, ‘Million Dollar Baby’ or the release pending ‘Cry Macho‘.

The filming of ‘The Godfather‘was marked by the constant confrontation of the young Francis Ford Coppola with the film’s producers, something that incidentally resulted in Ruddy not getting involved in the next two installments of the trilogue.

Let us lastly remember that ‘The Offer’ It is not the only project in development to address the gestation of the immortal classic of 1972, for many the best film in history. Recall that as previously announced Oscar Isaac, Jake Gyllenhaal, Elisabeth Moss and Elle Fanning will be the protagonists of ‘Francis and The Godfather’, film directed by Barry Levinson (‘Rain Man’) in which they will play Francis Ford Coppola, Robert Evans, Eleanor Coppola and Ali MacGraw, respectively.