Masters of the Universe: Revelation is better than the original because it has more strong women, says Sarah Michelle Gellar

He-Man is one of the most iconic characters in the cartoons of the 80s and 90s, bringing a powerful hero who does not belong to those already established by the comics, and despite his incredible strength he lets out his human side. All the versions that have existed of Masters of the Universe they featured unforgettable and iconic characters who invited many children to explore their own bravery.

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Perhaps not all adaptations were lucky enough to be emblematic or respectful of the original, but they remain a great memory for fans of nostalgia like Los Amos del Universo – 17% of 1987. To tell the truth, the arrival of Masters of the Universe: Revelation – 80% generated a revolution of emotions among the fans of yesteryear and the new audience because of the way in which they would return to the characters.

But the response has turned out better than expected taking into account several aspects. In the first place, there is the animation that, although it is already totally different from that of almost forty years ago, it is dignified and attractive for the youngest viewers. On the other hand is the narrative, where Kevin Smith, the favorite nerd of many, shows that he knows the story and each character, but it also shows that he has taken the time to investigate to be able to shape this series.

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Masters of the Universe: Revelation takes up each of the characters from the eighties, but beyond that it gives them a more important place, as well as starting from a point where the series remained He-Man and the Masters of the Universe in 1984. One of the characters that return to accompany the protagonist is Teela, who is played by Sarah Michelle Gellar (Scooby-Doo – 30%, Buffy, the cazavampiros, Scream 2 – 81%).

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the actress spoke about what it has meant for her to be part of this adventure. In the first place, she celebrated the fact that female characters were of greater importance than before, because she assured that as a child she found no reason to identify with the cartoon because women, although they were present, were kept in the background. But now everything is different.

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There was no way to get into that story for me growing up because all women were afterthoughts. They didn’t have the power and the stories weren’t about them. […] [Teela] it was in every episode and it wasn’t even part of the trip’s story back then. […] I think the good thing about this [de la nueva serie] is that there are characters for everyone and you can identify with different parts of each of the characters, even with Adam.

The actress also commented that the story hooked her since she read what Smith had written, emphasizing that she discovered that there were the kinds of emotions that she dreamed of interpreting or experiencing. He also highlighted that the director’s enthusiasm was quite motivating due to the passion with which he presented each scene. In this series Sarah shares credits with Mark Hamill, who is in charge of playing the unique Skeletor, while Chris Wood lends his voice to He-Man and Lena Headey revives Evil-Lyn.

This new series, where women discover that they also have the power within them, is available now on Netflix.