Maru Botana: Ping Pong with a woman with “well placed pools”

She became famous as that cook who circulated around the kitchen on skates and recommended wearing “the sinks”. Soon, the multifaceted Maru Botana earned a place in the world of television, far beyond cooking shows.

Entrepreneur, cook, Maru is married to Bernardo and is the mother of a very large family: Agustín, Lucía, Matías, Sofía, Santiago, Juan Ignacio and Facundo, her personal angel. In addition to natural freshness, her ability to reconcile roles transformed her into a mirror in which many women looked at each other.

The cook shares her recipes on social media and shows some of her creations. (Photo: Instagram marubotanaok)

Beyond her work and her family, Maru has always been involved in solidarity issues. Days ago, he visited Mendoza and Dr. Abel Albino to support the campaign that aims to finish the first Hospital for Child Malnutrition, which will operate in the department of Las Heras. Maru has been a godmother of the Conin Foundation for 10 years and there, probably, she crosses two of its pillars: the care of children and the importance of feeding in vital stages of growth.

Between travel, the obligations of a full-time mom, and her job, Maru joined TN Show’s Ping Pong.

A movie: Love Rosie, con Lily Collins y Sam Claflin

A series: This is us

A TV show: I see nothing

A radio: I listen to Spotify all day

A diary: I do not read

A book: The 5 AM Club, by Robin Sharma

A social network: Instagram and Facebook

A meal: I am fascinated by fish and extravagant sushis. My favorite food is the pumpkin ravioli with mozzarella, on a mattress of arugula with olive oil and antlers of Parmesan cheese and salt flakes.

A drink: el vermouth

A place in the world: I have several, from my house full of friends and family and the warmth of a delicious meal, to a good skiing with everyone in Whistler (Canada) where nobody knows me. Also a summer in Punta Mita (Mexico) with the whole family.

A pending trip: i love to travel, so Japan, Australia. Singapore and South Africa

A little taste: a safari in South Africa with the whole family combined with beach and surf.

An actor: Diego Peretti

An actress: Violeta Urtizberea

A journalist: Diego Leuco

A tweeter: I do not have twitter

A musician: Fito Páez, Juanchi Baleirón, Ciro, El Zorrito Vön Quintiero

He shared photos of his vacation in networks. (Photo: Instagram marubotanaok)

A band: The parrots

An idol: I do not have

A diva: Julia Roberts

A friend: the one that banks all, the good ones, the bad ones and the day to day. In my case it is Toto who works with me and accompanies me and follows me in all my crazy things.

A familiar: my children, the most !!! Each and every one separately!

A header phrase: the phrases that motivate me are “whatever happens, you have to continue”; “Joy and sadness go hand in hand”, “you always have to fly high”; “He is not always there, you have to go for the yes”, “education and location do not go out of style” and many more, since I always use phrases

Good news: when I found out I was pregnant. Another good news is the achievements of the boys. A family trip.

A language: the French

With his sympathy and charisma he conquered the viewers. (Photo: Instagram marubotanaok)

An insult: I hate bad words and I am forbidden at home to say them, obviously they escape but quite well. The biggest insult is “you are turkey”

Gossip: I do not like them, but I would love to be a fly to listen to those of the family

A joke: haha, I’m terrible at telling jokes, but I love the boys and Galicians

A prediction: that there is another life

A song: uf I have thousands but “Love after love,” by Fito Páez or “Technicolor Butterfly”

A skill: I make the beds very well

A vice: train and phone

A fear: to suffer again

A doom: the almond sable with dulce de leche, the cream and red fruit ice cream

A game: the hidden one

An OCD: the smell of clean, fresh

One problem: today, classes by zoom and the desire to go to school

A pending account: make my brand transcend abroad

A dream: make a program for the world, super fun