Marie Claire | Interview with Amy Adams and Julianne Moore, protagonists of The Woman in the Window

This came to Netflix psychological thriller called The Woman in the Window. The film has a multi-star cast: Amy Adams, Julianne Moore, Whyte Russel and Gary Oldman and is directed by Joe Wright (Pride and Prejudice).

The story revolves around the character of Amy Adams (Anna), an agoraphobic psychologist who has been locked up at home for a long time. From his window he watches the new neighbors across the street. A married couple with a son, he befriends the woman, Jane (Julianne Moore) with whom he is alone at home.

One day Anna sees Jane getting stabbed, calls the ER, but when the ambulance arrives they find that she is alive, but she is no longer the same person.

We spoke to Amy Adams and Julianne Moore about this premiere.

The woman at the window

“It was very interesting for me to work on a psychological thriller, I haven’t done one for a long time. I found the proposal and the team very attractive. I also really liked my character of Ana, she has so much darkness, secrets, something of shame … It was very challenging and interesting to approach her, “says Adams. Meanwhile, Moore affirms: “I was interested in seeing her reactions about my character, how she gets when people enter her house, her room … I also liked how Amy connected with the world of her character and the rest of the world” .


Julianne Moore: “It was great working with Amy, I knew her socially clearly, but I had wanted to share a set with her for a long time. She is an extraordinary actress and a very funny person, she connected very well with the entire cast and crew of the film because she is very communicative and open. It was a beautiful experience, a dream. I carry out the film with so much passion, patience and a lot of truth. ” For her part, Amy says: “I had a crazy desire to work with her, I always liked her work as an actress, I was always a very follower of her work. I thank God that he gave me the opportunity to work with her and share much more than one scene. She really put a depth to her character, which was needed, she was intense and gave her that protective halo that she needed to bond with my role. We had a great time on set and we talked a lot. “

Film tastes

Julianne Moore: “I do not consume these types of films and less during the pandemic. I suffer when a character dies or I get sad. I prefer funny things, I watch many comedies, more in time of confinement to relax and laugh. Any type of comedy comes to me well, crimes and those kinds of stories are not for me. ” Coincident Amy affirms: “I only watch my films once and that’s enough. When I saw this one I was impressed with the vision of the director and how he showed the drama, the psychological part of the story, the mental health … I was again surprised by all the performances. I’m not the traditional viewer of this type of thriller, but I can say it was great. I was talking about it with my husband the other night: I think it perfectly combines the dark side with the psychological. It’s incredible how reality is created in the middle of a story like This. I’m like Julianne, I don’t watch crime movies. ”

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