‘Mare of Easttown’ why Kate Winslet’s series is a candidate for series of the year – series news

Kate Winslet’s HBO series in which she plays an investigator has aroused passions and has become one of the actress’s best jobs.

It has been nice to see it grow Mare of Easttown, the Kate Winslet series, which airs HBO. It has had a fairly positive critical consensus. A weekly episode of 50 minutes was broadcast over seven weeks and the audience grew thanks to word of mouth, something surprising in this hype culture where everything is immediate. But those of us who like to take things a little more calmly love when things simmer.

As a detective series I liked it. It hooks you with a mystery and a well-conducted investigation and I also find it very rich nuances, which make the series a very powerful and suggestive proposal. Although in the detective series format it is a bit of a rare sight, I am glad that it has had such a good reception.

Mare of Easttown tells the story of a detective, named Mare Sheehan, from a small town in Pennsylvania where she begins to investigate a crime, just as her personal life and everything around her begins to unravel little by little.

The series was created by Brad Ingelsby and he is responsible for all the series scripts. He is also the screenwriter of Out Of The Furnace which is a movie that I really like about Scott Cooper and also The Way Back or from the film by Jaume Collet Serra One night to survive starring Liam Neeson. His scripts usually work but always but it depends a lot on who is behind the cameras. In this case, all the chapters are directed by Craig Roberts, a filmmaker born in New York in 1975 who last year directed the brilliant The hunt about a manhunt with a lot of black humor and violence.

And both the scriptwriter and the director give the series an author stamp that has a very determined atmosphere that is very constant in all chapters with a balanced and constant staging. And another of the determining points is the magnificent Kate Winslet in the role of Mary Sheehan as a woman over 40 who is seen in the series without makeup, without a hair salon, the antithesis of the Hollywood figure.

She has built a tremendously realistic and truthful character in which she gives everything as the main investigator of the case to become one of the most powerful female characters that the series has given us in recent years, and to a large extent the series works because of her and her nuances both of strength and fragility because she is a character very punished by life.

She is a character who is already a grandmother, for example, what tells us about a hard background, a social context with many very young mothers, with significant vital precariousness, in a universe where young people do not study and have terrible jobs and where there is almost chronic social violence.

And in this context of the town, almost as if it were a big family, there is that atmosphere that leads the protagonist to bond with all those involved in the story, whom she has known all her life.And the series works because it is really very well drawn, its characters, its environment, its relationships, it could even function without the crime of how well it is plotted.

It even has some comic nuance in the relationship that the detective maintains with her mother and that they vent a bit all the dramatic and violent load that the series has in itself.

And apart from its context the protagonist is a very brilliant character: It is very insightful, intuitive, all of which in the end does give it a very human and very realistic character that totally introduces you to the story and you end up believing things that are even difficult to believe.

In some moments it has reminded me of A crime has been written but of quality in the sense that in each chapter it seems that the murderer is a different character and there are many false clues but it works really well because you are capable of being dragged by the character.

The series rides between modernity and classicism, between what would come to be a premium series of detectives, a series that takes its time to advance, that defines the characters well, that draws you some background important dramatics and with an important work behind when making all the drama-investigation-suspense devices … Mixed with what would become a much more visceral and fast series as the false clues show, or the many possible murderers .

I also like the relationship that the protagonist establishes with her research partner Iván Peters who comes from abroad to help her but is much younger and in the end he is learning from her which generates a very interesting relationship between the two.

A series that hooks you a lot, with a very powerful actress, who embraces both clichés and flees from them and I wish it had 27 seasons.