Louis Partridge was hit hard on the head in this scene from ‘Enola Holmes’

Louis Partridge was hit hard on the head in this scene from ‘Enola Holmes’

The accidents in the recording sets are the most common, but at thector Louis Partridge several happened to him during the recording of the first installment of the Netflix movie ‘Enola Holmes’, in which she stars alongside her great friend Millie Bobby Brown.

Besides that Millie She dropped it during the scene of the train fall, as she herself has told it, there is another story that we did not know and that Louis Partridge himself has given himself the task of relating.

In another of the most famous scenes of the feature film, where his character, the Vizconde  Tewksbury, and that of Millie Bobby Brown, Enola Holmes, they must push a piece of furniture against a door, in order to prevent the entry of a police inspector who was after the young fugitive, Louis Partridge suffered a severe trauma to his head.

“I have a funny memory and it happens in the middle of a scene of great tension, in which with Millie we push a cabinet against a door, while from the other side they try to enter by force,” he began to tell Partridge.

It turns out that when I was sitting on the edge of the window where the Viscount had to leave to flee across the roof, Louis Partridge made a move to see for the last time a Enola and when he turned around, he hit his head hard, so much so that he had to be examined by one of the doctors hired by Netflix.

“It’s a very intense scene and suddenly I hear a scream, then I run to the window that is where the character had to escape and I turn quickly to see Millie Before I disappeared, when I turned around I hit my head on the window and everyone on set laughed. I really want to see the video of the shot, because I hit myself pretty hard, a doctor had to come and check my eyes and ask me how many fingers I saw, “he explained.