Loki: The second episode has an easter egg about Black Widow and Gamora

All superhero movies and series are full of Easter eggs to popular culture, in general, and in particular to comics of this genre. Now a series like Loki – 96% will have several more interesting for the very fact of focusing on time travel. In such a series you can refer to all the possible eras of the Marvel universe.

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The last chapter demonstrated this with an easter egg that refers us to Avengers: Infinity War – 79% y Avengers: Endgame – 95%. In this chapter Loki discovered that post-apocalyptic events serve as a hiding place for variants. So they decided to search for the fugitive version of Loki in a Roxxcorp mall in 2050. What they found was a trap. The villain is Lady Loki, a female version of the character, who used TVA’s reset charges to alter the sacred timeline. This created several branches at the same time in several different periods. Anyone who has been observed will have noticed that among the many years and places that appeared in the TVA monkey, a very familiar place appeared for those who have seen the two films already mentioned: Vormir.

This particular branching occurred on April 23, 2301:

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We do not know what will happen in that place in that year. What we do know is how significant that planet is. For those who no longer remember, that is where the Soul Stone was. Therefore, it is the place where Gamora was sacrificed and where Black Widow was sacrificed at different times. It is interesting that something is going to happen right there several centuries after the death of both characters. That raises the question of whether this will be a simple Easter egg or will it be something much more meaningful in the following chapters of this series. We will have to keep watching to find out.

It must be remembered that a couple of years ago Scarlett Johansson revealed how she found out that her character was going to die and what feelings this news generated in her:

Kevin called me up and said, ‘Look, we’re obviously in a place where there will be big sacrifices and big losses. We had all anticipated it. So it didn’t seem out of place. I guess it made sense to me, even though I was sad about it. But after hanging up the phone, I remember thinking, ‘Okay, I guess it’s me.’ And it took me a minute to process. It was bittersweet, but it wasn’t a shock.

Returning to Loki and speaking of tragic death, not long ago Tom Hiddleston commented that he had to keep the secret of Loki’s death for two long years. That’s a long time to save a revelation of that caliber about a movie from one of the world’s most secret-keeping companies:

The biggest secret I kept, for a long time, was that scene from Infinity War. So I remember going to a meeting with Kevin Feige and Lube before we started filming Ragnarok. And they were talking to me before they sent me the script. They were telling me the whole story and it seems to me that Taika was not in town at the time. So I was talking to them. At the end of that meeting, they began to describe what was going to happen to Thor and what Chris was going to do. And the arrival of Hela, who was to be played by Cate Blanchet. How the Hulk and Ruffalo were going to go to this alien planet on the other side of the universe with Jeff Goldblum playing the Grandmaster. This is great and also where it will end. At the end of that meeting, Joe and Anthony Russo walked in and said they were working on the next Avengers movie. And that the only complete scene they had finished was the opening one. And then they told me what happened in it. So I carried it with me, knowing more or less what was going to happen. So I think it was two years? Maybe two and a half years?

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