Loki and other villains everyone loves (and hates at the same time)

There are great heroes and protagonists who have marked the history of cinema and series. However, it is a fact that there is various antagonists who steal the spotlight and they become villains that everyone loves.

It doesn’t matter if it’s because its fascinating origin story, its captivating personality or its air of mystery. These characters steal our hearts even when we should hate them.

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Why do we love villains?

According to an article by the UNAM, one of the reasons we get hooked on these characters is when we understand that they were not born that way. But A series of unfortunate events led them to do evil.

Above all, there are some cases in which the hero of the story had to do with that event and that is why the antagonist seeks revenge.

Everyone we can identify ourselves with those situations and emotions, only that we repress because they are not socially well seen or accepted. And when we see that someone exploits them openly on the screen, we feel very attracted.

Some villains that everyone loves


The history of the MCU has seen various antagonists in its more than 20 films. There are some who passed without much pain or glory, and others who they were tattooed on our soul.

There is Baron Zemo from Falcon and the Winter Soldier who became a meme with his iconic dance or catchy song by Agatha from WandaVision.

But none of those characters stole the hearts of the audience more like Loki. So much is the love of the fans that the god of deception had to appear in more movies, because originally it was only planned for the first Thor movie.

And although we cry with his death in Avengers: Infinity War, Marvel does not intend to release the character and that is why he now has his own series on Disney +.


When we talk about villains that everyone loves we cannot fail to mention Negan from The Walking Dead. At first we all hate them with their extreme use of authority to submit others and we were also disturbed by their group that seemed like a sect.

However, your personality was what hooked several because he is one of those who handles sarcasm very well and have a very special sense of humor. And yes, although many no longer see the series, it is still one of the most remembered characters and representative every Halloween.

Darth Vader

Yes, we already know that Baby Yoda / Grogu won the Star Wars franchise a ton of fans. But it must be recognized that many lovers of the saga are attracted to the dark side and that’s thanks to characters like Darth Vader.

He has gained the interest of many since the original trilogy came out. But when we learned his story as a young Padawan and then as a Jedi we all fell before the humanity that was hiding behind this fascinating character.

And yes, love is still so great that we will see Darth Vader again en la serie de Obi-Wan Kenobi.

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In the world of superheroes there are a lot of villains that everyone loves. And another one of them who stole the love from the first franchise It was Magneto from the X-Men.

It doesn’t matter if we see it as Ian McKellen O Michael Fassbender, there is something about this character that attracts us. We know that their practices always incite violence, but his speech about respecting mutants it can hook anyone.

That is why he is the greatest rival of Professor X, since not only do the two possess great powers, but also tienen an enormous intellect and they know how to win over the masses.

villains everyone loves

Cersei y Tywin Lannister

One of the main lessons of Game of Thrones It was not getting attached to any character, because you didn’t know if he could die in the next episode.

But the series also made us wonder if we loved the alleged heroes of history or the villains more. And no, we are not talking about monsters like Joffrey Baratheon ni Ramsay Bolton because they did make us suffer.

But of much more human characters like Tywin y Cersei Lannister. Yes, we all hate them with their first appearances on the show. However, little by little we began to fall into the fascinating minds of these strategists.


DC characters have also known how to do their thing to win a huge fan base. We could talk about several examples, but the most iconic is that of Joker.

And it is that all his performances in cinema (except that of Jared Leto) have received great ovations. But the one that ended up guiding the character as one of the favorites was the film starring Joaquin Phoenix, with which we could understand the origin of madness of this character.

villains everyone loves

Disney Villains

This studio has a lot of iconic characters, but also many of its villains are who They have the best looks and the most raffled phrases. There is clearly the example of Hades O Ursula.

But it is so clear that they are villains that everyone loves that even the studio has already focused on making origin films for some of those antagonists. First was malefic, which already has two tapes.

And recently joined that trend Cruella that drove critics and the general public crazy. So much that they are already working on a sequel. Who will be the next villain to make the leap?