Lily Collins to Star in Apple TV + Horror Series Calls

The next time we see Lily Collins on television it will be in a plot totally opposite to that of ‘Emily in Paris’. ‘Calls‘, is a serie innovative that aims to make us forget about horror and suspense productions as we have known them until now. The proposal, made up of a large cast, is that the story be told through strange phone calls that narrate a mystery out of the ordinary.

Described as a ‘immersive TV experience ‘, the horror and thriller story starring actress Lily Collins, is supported by abstract and minimalist visuals. As if it were an animated radio soap opera, the production directed by Fede Alvarez is an adaptation of another french series bearing the same name. This will be the first release of a film of this type on the platform.

When is ‘Calls’ released?

Calls‘contemplates summarizing in short chapters the maximum possible tension, but where other types of genres also converge. The episodes can be tuned from next March 26 in the channel of the y will be one more proposal to the series of horror and suspense in streaming.

Lily Collins en ‘Emily in Paris’.


Where can you see ‘Calls’?

Calls‘is the most recent Apple TV + production and you can enjoy it on your channel streaming. As its name reveals, it will be based on a series of phone calls where the sound will be the central axis. The objective will be to create an immersive experience where the image will also play an important role. It is expected to debut with nine episodes.

What is the horror series ‘Calls’ about?

You just need to see the trailer for ‘Calls‘to give you an idea of ​​the tension that will play as the common thread of the New serie. The narrative is supported by a set of calls that seem not to have a relationship with each other, however, the common denominator will be that they all become surreal facts or desperate when the person speaking is faced with a disturbing experience.

Lily Collins will participate in the horror series ‘Calls’.

© Pierre Suu

Calls‘is based on an original French production where each call is linked to the other. Together they tell a complete story. Nap TV series sticks to its French counterpart, then each episode will have a approximate duration of 10 minutes.

What is the cast of ‘Calls’?

In an antagonistic proposal to the character he played Lily Collins on ‘Emily in Paris’, the english actress joins this production with a large group of recognized actors. Among the main interpreters announced for this first installment are: Nick Jonas, Pedro Pascal, Aubrey Plaza, Rosario Dawson, Mark Duplass, Karen Gillian, Ben Schwartz and Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

Long before Apple would have announced the launch on its own platform, there was already talk for three years that ‘Calls‘could have an English version. Although in the description it is announced that it will be accompanied by a wide number of genres, by the advance we can prevent the suspended it will be the one that prevails in the first season.