LGBT + themed movies to celebrate Pride Day (all are free on VIX cinema and tv)

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Pride month is celebrated in June, with the aim of commemorating the struggle of the LGBT + community.

Starting with the 1969 Stonewall riots, the group received greater media attention and their demands to protect their human rights were echoed, to the point that the film industry chose to make stories to express their concerns, desires and demands.

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These are 5 movies to celebrate LGBT + pride month, best of all, they are available for free at VIX cinema and free tv on any device.

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#1 The kids are fine (2010)

Julianne Moore, Anette Being and Mark Ruffalo star in this dramatic comedy, which follows the story of a family made up of two lesbian women and their children (each gave birth to one of them through a sperm donor).

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With the arrival of adolescence, the youngest son, Laser, has the desire to meet his biological father and for this he asks his older sister for help.

This is how both boys undertake an investigation to find the donor.

#2 Ashley (2013)

The trafficking revolves around a 17-year-old girl with self-esteem problems, who cannot find her place in the world.

As she fantasizes about kissing the red-haired girl who sits across from her in class, it is noticed by others and she becomes the primary target of school bullying.

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Things are not going well at home either, as her mother physically and verbally abuses her. However, his life takes a turn when he meets a young woman online and for the first time experiments with her sexuality outside of her fantasies.

#3 Allure (2017)

A young woman who works cleaning houses struggles to find love anywhere, even if the couples she chooses cannot give it to her.

One day he meets a 16-year-old girl trapped in the life imposed by her parents and with whom he begins a relationship.


Despite the difference in ages, social classes and goals in life; passion leads them to try to escape together.

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#4 The Hungarian Girl (2017)

The Hungarian girl is a passionate and dramatic love triangle created in the 1910s, when there is tension between a housekeeper, a domestic worker and her employer, a prostitute.

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The relationship between these 3 characters is so passionate and complex that their story is clouded with a crime.

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#5 Jenny’s wedding (2015)

Katherine Heigl and Alexis Bledel star in this tender love story, where a lesbian couple want to get married despite the refusal of their relatives.

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This comedy emphasizes the wishes of parents to plan a life for their children, even if these intentions do not make them happy.

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Tell us in the comments which movie you will start your killed with.

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