Lenny Kravitz’s message to his daughter Zoe Kravitz that Channing Tatum has fallen in love

It is December 1st Zoe Kravitz has blown 33 candles for his birthday. The actress has celebrated this special date going through a very special moment both in your work and professional life.

Zoe is, right now, one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood with great jobs behind her and important new projects. March 4, 2022 hits theaters’The Batman‘, the new film about the DC superhero where he will play Catwoman with Rober Pattinson as Bruce Wayne.

But, in addition to her professional success, Zoe is also enjoying a great time in love. Although, the actress separated from her husband eight months after marrying, Kravitz has returned to be excited about Channing Tatum with whom he has been in a relationship for a few months.

Now, on a date as important as his birthday, Lenny Kravitz, Zoe’s father, did not want to miss the moment of publicly congratulate your daughter via Instagram.

Thus the singer has published a nice photo of the two when Zoe was little in which they appear playing with the sand on the beach while we see the actress wearing a swimsuit with the United States flag and braids in her hair: “Happy birthday, ZoĆ«. So many more castles to build together. I love you infinitely”, she writes next to the post.

A message that Channing Tatum has fallen in love with who has not given like to the publication. And it is that, it seems that Tatum and Lenny get along quite well since messages have been exchanged several times on Instagram.

One of the last was when Channing praised his father-in-law’s physical condition with a photo showing his abs at 57 that you can see in the video above.

Also, the post has had many interactions from many other celebrities who have congratulated Zoe through there. One of them has been Jason Momoa, the husband of the actress’s mother, who has written: “Congratulations my braddah. Precious day”, along with many hearts.

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