Leisure Guide: Recommended by DFMAS Team

With another Monday holiday ahead and while many communes in the country remain in Phase 1 and 2, there are good recommendations to accompany our days off. Part of the DF MAS team once again wanted to contribute with some of the series, movies and books that they have enjoyed in recent times, we hope you like them!

If you have children of preschool age and with the quarantine they spent more hours at home again, it is very likely that the episodes of Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol and other cartoons have become monotonous. One recommendation is Guitar and Drum, some musical friends who were born from PunkRobot, the same producer of Story of a Bear. They debuted at the end of 2019 and can be seen on TVN and TV Educa Chile.

What is its main value? Diversity: for example, Tambor does not speak and only communicates with gestures and striking blows that sound (of course, because it is a musical instrument). In one episode, Piña is very cold and tells the protagonists that she comes from a place where there is always sun and heat. In another, Ukulele’s glasses break and he explains how he uses his other senses.

Respect for others and self-esteem are important themes in this production that has a beautiful aesthetic and very particular music. Directed by Antonia Herrera and Mari Soto-Aguilar, it has five-minute chapters and they go for more: on Instagram they showed the making of their 2nd season. By Gabriel Esteffan.

Startups and narcos. That’s what Easy Money is about, the Swedish Netflix series starring Leya (Evin Ahmad), a young widowed mother who dreams of success. She has the startup -Target Coach- that will revolutionize the market, but before a major investor enters, she must remove an initial partner and pay off a millionaire debt.

How can you get that money, if you can barely rent an apartment in a Stockholm suburb and you also have to work in a restaurant to support your son? The answer and several of the keys to the series are in a drug dealer relative. Without that “noir” of low light, lots of snow and a brooding investigator, Snabba Cash, as the series was originally called, is a vibrant story about the power of money.

It is a drama and a thriller while mixing intrigue, passions and social portraits. Special mention deserves Tomas Storm. the investor who notices Target Coach, a millionaire and eccentric fifty-year-old played by Olle Sarri. The cameras walk through the new technological neighborhoods of the Swedish capital inspired by Silicon Valley and its most depressed areas, where the drug trafficker advances and is entrenched with its wave of wealth and death. The fiction is based on the novel of the same name by Jens Lapidus, who already had a successful film trilogy in 2010, which is not necessary to see to understand the six chapters of this series. By Fernando Vega.

The woman at the window
It is a movie to watch on the edge of the seat. If pandemic lethargy lurks, this Joe Wright-directed Netflix movie with notable performances from Amy Adams, Julianne Moore and Gary Oldman guarantees 100 minutes of a classic psychological thriller.

Based on the book of the same name, it tells the story of a woman who lives alone in her house, with agoraphobia and who sees something surprising in front of her house. From the window. Sudden events and plot changes will, I assure you, blow your mind. By Nicolás Durante.

Marvel fans can already see Tom Hiddleston playing Loki, Thor’s brother and antagonist. The series is about your time travel and how small changes in the past can affect the timeline.

The Time Keepers are responsible for keeping this line on track and they are the ones who capture this God of deception. Everyone is awaiting what will happen in this great series that is already available on their platform: Disney +. By Sofía Nazal.

Billion dollar loser
New York Magazine editor Reeves Wiedeman portrays the rise and fall of Adam Neumann, the former CEO of WeWork, one of the most coveted tech companies by venture capitalists in the mid-2000s. In this book, the journalist follows Neumann’s first steps in the business world and reviews the personality that led him to be, at the time, the guru of innovation. What was it that led the world’s most promising startup to crash completely? Available on Amazon. By Mateo Navas.

Harvey, Emma Cline
To enter the head of a mature man, whose last name is never mentioned in the book, but we understand in the first lines that it is Weinstein, is the challenge that the young and talented Emma Cline set for herself. The American writer had already immersed herself in a real case with The girls (The Girls), novel set in the sect of Charles Manson.

In the 24 hours before the trial that will determine his guilt or innocence in the face of allegations of sexual abuse and rape against him, Harvey faces pain, impulses, delusions and significant amounts of anxiety that he tries to calm with the idea of ​​justice. An interesting journey through the denial of a man before the possibility of losing the power that constitutes him. (Anagram, 2021). By Sofía García-Huidobro.

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