Legal dramas and powerful women in ‘The Good Fight’

With the announcement of the fifth season of ‘The Good Fight’, we review the 4 seasons available on the Amazon Prime streaming service.

The series that revolves around the legal system and what some law firms in the city of Chicago, United States, have to deal with every day. This production is the sequel to the series ‘The Good Wife’.

The main role is led by a female lawyer, Diane Lockhart, played by Christine Baranski, who gives it that air of sophistication, elegance and good taste to the character, coupled with the skills and insight that as a good lawyer has led her to have her own law firm.

The first season consisting of 10 episodes, tells the story of Diane, a year later within the timeline of ‘The Good Wife’ with the initial episode where, after a financial scandal, Diane’s reputation as well as all her heritage is totally destroyed. .

This is where the plot begins to have its twists and turns and introduction of new characters, Maia Rindell, played by Rose Leslie, daughter of those responsible for the financial scam, for which she is fired from the office where she worked with Diane, and Lucca Quinn, played by Cush Jumbo, who works in a firm fully formed and directed to the African-American community, where both, Diane and Maia, they offer them a job.

The development of the following episodes mainly revolve around the stories of the three protagonists mentioned above: Diana, Maia and Lucca. Laden with considerable political and social commentary – there are many references to the presidential term of Donald Trump – and others that explore the current hot topics: the alternative right, the Me Too movement, On-line Harassment and the rise of fake news.

Other characters enter the screen that enrich and strengthen the plot, such as Marissa Gold, brought to the screen by Sarah Steel, who plays Diane’s young assistant., but that she has a shrewd and lively vision to always obtain in a creative, unconventional and sometimes very naive way valuable or decisive information for the cases in which her boss, or the other two lawyers are working.

As love entanglements cannot be absent, Lucca is responsible for getting involved with federal prosecutor Colin Morello, played by daddy Justin Bartha who, with his presence as an innocent child, causes Lucca many problems. Maia Rindell’s sentimental partner, Amy Breslin, is played by Heléne Yorke, where the LGBTQ + condition of the couple is treated from an inclusive and so natural angle, it goes without saying that this is how the issue should be reflected in daily life.

With departures of some characters in the following seasons, as well as the participation of guests in some episodes, Mathew Perry, Bernadete Petters, Alan Alda, Jane Lynch, the legal drama series, has made an impression among viewers and the announcement of a fifth season on Paramount + featuring Mandy Patinkin, as Hal Wackner, promises that there will be stories yet to be told and that they will be led by women in a world traditionally run by men.