Law Roach, the stylist Zendaya and Anya Taylor-Joy share

In an age where red carpets have been kept to a minimum, with exceptions easy to count on the fingers of one hand, the stylist Law Roach has been crowned as the most influential in Hollywood. This is how he has baptized it The Hollywood Reporter on his traditional annual roster, where he brings together the most powerful image consultants from the hills of film mecca. The achievement of Law Roach, born on the South Side of Chicago and who defines himself as an “architect of the image”, has special relevance since he began working in the industry just a decade ago. Law ran a vintage boutique in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood, Deliciously Vintage, when in 2009 Kanye West attracted the attention of the press when he was seen in the establishment. Since then, in her career as a stylist she has overtaken many colleagues on the right. The visibility of his work has multiplied this awards season, even with the red carpets virtual the styles devised by Law Roach have dazzled. They have undoubtedly contributed to its success zendaya Y Anya Taylor-Joy, two of the most coveted actresses of the moment and clients of Roach. Two women who, in addition, do not shy away from flashes, love to experiment with costumes and do not hesitate to innovate with such diverse bets that it is difficult to label them within a specific style.

The ‘vintage’ archive of Law Roach in the looks of Zendaya and Anya Taylor-Joy

Aside from being a stylist, Law Roach works as a judge on the HBO show Max Legendary, a reality show where fashion is combined with the subculture of voguing and where different groups compete with each other on a weekly basis. In addition, he continues to work on his collection of vintage designs, many of which have temporarily left their personal archives to be worn on the red carpet. In her possession are dresses from the most coveted Courrèges, the sixties, or creations by Bob Mackie, Cher’s fetish designer in the seventies. Sometimes her clients wear these jewels, such as the Bob Mackie’s wedding dress that Anya Taylor Joy wore to a movie premiere Emma. More recently, the protagonist of Lady’s gambit, who Law Roach has said radiates an aura like a fairy tale, has appeared on the show Saturday Night Live, with a Yeye-inspired navy blue minidress signed by André Courrèges.

Anya Taylor Joy

Also from his collection was the 1982 Haute Couture created by Yves Saint Laurent and worn by Zendaya a few weeks ago at an awards gala. One piece with a lot of history behind as it had belonged to Eunice Johnson, an African-American businesswoman and editor of the magazine Ebony. No choice is accidental: “We are taking care to ensure that these icons are kept alive, so that they continue to be talked about,” explained Law Roach about this look in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. But, if there is a look that has elevated the stylist in recent times, it is the one chosen byr Zendaya for this year’s Oscars. The interpreter of Euphoria shone in a literal and figurative sense thanks to a spectacular yellow dress Cher-inspired canary (unlike her two star clients, who are less active on social media, Roach shares all the details behind each wardrobe on her Instagram profile). A custom-made piece by Pierpaolo Piccioli for Valentino, brand of which Zendaya is the image. A dreamy and ethereal dress with a strapless neckline and a slit under the chest that on the night of the Oscars almost managed to steal the spotlight from the gala.

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As Roach himself has explained in various interviews, his relationship with Zendaya is almost brotherly. Together they go to the catwalks and in 2019, the stylist attended the Met gala for the first time with the actress, she dressed as Cinderella and he as a fairy godmother, both from Tommy Hilfiger. Law started working with her when the now star was a Disney girl and the big firms that would love to wear her these days weren’t that accessible. Since its inception, this tandem has advocated for emerging labels, also trying to support black designers, although in recent times Zendaya has opted for the big firms: from the magenta Tom Ford that he led to an awards ceremony in January 2020 (the stylist has recently confessed that this is one of his favorite looks), to the vintage Versace seen in October of last year in the last edition of the Green Carpet Fashion Awards. Jorge Vázquez’s Pertegaz has also crept onto his radar. Nothing escapes Law Roach.

Hunter Schafer

From Celine Dion to Hunter Schafer: Law Roach’s Magic Wand

The second half of the HBO series Euphoria, the actress Hunter Schafer, is another of the faces of the moment. In recent months she has walked in Thierry Mugler and has become the image of Prada and Shiseido, two succulent contracts that confirm the interpreter as one of the references of Gen-Z. Behind his style, Law Roach’s magic wand.

In recent times, the stylist has begun to redefine the style of Addison Rae, the versatile tiktoker, also a singer and actress. Addison does not embrace conventions either, the red carpet is there to have fun, risk or even provoke. At the last awards gala MTV Movie&Tv Awards, Addison put the Australian brand Christopher Esber in the spotlight, who signed the artist’s set: a tiny cropped top that barely covered the chest, a long black skirt with a built-in jewel belt, and a blazer of the same tone.

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Addison Rae

Not everything is going to be Gen-Z, some actresses more than consolidated, like Priyanka ChopraThey trust Law Roach’s judgment. Nick Jonas’s wife reappeared a few days ago on the red carpet in a golden Dolce & Gabanna dress that incorporated one of the most famous accessories of the Italian house in recent years. A stiff, metallic gold-look maxi corset-style belt. A piece that Naomi Campbell wore that famous day when she came to finish her sentence of community services clad in an impeccable silver dress combined with the same belt. Roach himself has been in charge of publicizing this connection, which has captured the interest of many specialized media.

Kerry Washington, el actor Tom Holland o Celine Dion, who was once again catapulted as a style icon in 2016 by the grace (and audacity) of Law Roach, are part of the clientele of the most powerful new stylist in Hollywood, an image architect who builds looks that are much more than looks .