Lady Gaga: Tricks for applying cat eye liner in 2021

Many believe that a good makeup ‘cat eye’ on the eyelids is impossible to achieve. But Lady Gaga shows us otherwise. In this photo there is an outline ‘flick’ just perfect. This is demonstrated by his most recent publication on Instagram.

Over the traditional black line, the actress, singer and songwriter, Lady Gaga, applied a shadow effect. This makeup was a basic of the singer back in 2008, an ideal trick for lengthen the look and enhance the general complexion of the face.

Lady Gaga’s feline gaze

Lady Gaga with ‘cat eye’ makeup.

© Original Instagram photography: @ladygaga.

That’s all a good Eyeliner you can achieve: lift, define and incidentally create an ultra-sleek look on the go. It is very difficult for this technique of makeup disappears completely in each season, and that is why this time it returns as one of the most important beauty trends of the summer.

However, there are a number of steps to achieve perfect outlined eyes. While some seek a precise line, others (like Lady Gaga) prefer a smooth application for a more casual look.

If you prefer the style of Lady Gaga, we recommend a gel eyeliner which is able to stay in place after being smudged a bit with your fingers or a brush. The product ‘Satin Kajal Liner’ by Victoria Beckham Beauty, is perfect to achieve this goal.

The makeup artist Celia Burton also shared with Vogue some tips to apply the eyeliner correctly and without errors: ‘Use liquid eyeliner (I love Tom Ford’s dual tip called ‘Eye Defining Pen’), this way you can mark a point or a line where you want your ‘cat eye’‘, says the expert.

‘Then put your face back and drag the eyeliner along the eye from the inner corner, trying to keep it as close to the tabs as possible’. At the end you can widen or blur the line to your liking.

Article published in Vogue UK,