Lady Gaga revolutionizes the networks with a video crying while throwing flowers to her fans

Lady Gaga, characterized as one of the most eccentric celebrities of our time, has once again revolutionized the networks with one of her extravagances.

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The actress and singer is currently in Italy, where she has just finished shooting her latest film House of Gucci, Ridley Scott’s long-awaited film that tells the story of Maurizio Gucci.

At the end of her last day of filming, Lady Gaga has left the hotel where she is staying, The Regina Hotel Baglioni, to head to the airport and return to the United States.

The scene, which has gone viral and revolutionized the networks, was somewhat picturesque. Lady Gaga with pink gloves that many users have compared to washing dishes, made a sea of ​​tears, and holding a large glass vase full of tulips.

Lady Gaga crying and with a vase full of tulips

Lady Gaga crying and with a vase full of tulips


Lady Gaga wanted to have a nice touch with her fans, giving flowers to all those who had been waiting hours for her to come down, at the door of the hotel.

However, the beautiful gesture, has seemed somewhat eccentric, not only for his clothes, tears and vase, but also for the way he has delivered the flowers to his fans, throwing them on the ground from a distance.

The reason why the actress has given her fans the tulips in this particular way has been to respect the safety distances of the coronavirus.

In addition to this gesture, Lady Gaga has also taken the opportunity to send a message through her Twitter account, to thank the Italians for what it was like during these 2 months of filming.

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