Lady Gaga and her time in New York in summer 2021 with elegant looks

The style of Lady Gaga it can be summarized over time in different chapters. Let’s remember the symbolism that characterized his wardrobe with the album ‘Born This Way’, or her diamond-drenched cowgirl days with ‘Joanne’, not forgetting when he used very conceptual and artistic pieces after launching ‘Artpop’. In summary, Lady Gaga has taken all the looks unimaginable.

And after his participation in the Ridley Scott film (soon to be released), ‘House of Gucci’, where Gaga gives life to the matriarch Patrizia Reggiani; gives us the impression that Gaga now preparing to start a new chapter of fashion in their life.

Actress and singer Lady Gaga, is staying this week at the Plaza Hotel in the city of New York, and this luxurious lodge seems to be influencing your choices of locker room. The incredible hotel has served as a location in classic films such as ‘North by Northwest’, ‘Funny Girl’ and ‘The Great Gatsby’. It has also been the temporary residence of Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Greta Garbo and other great celebrities of the Hollywood golden age.

Lady Gaga takes over New York in elegant style

Lady Gaga in black lace dress by Alexander McQueen.

© Felipe Ramales /

Maybe that’s the reason why Lady Gaga has kept his outfits classic, elegant and very anchored to that era of cinema in black and white. Although without a doubt, he does not stop printing all his style in each election.

Last Tuesday he went out for a walk around the city, with a pleated dress in color rosa designed by Alessandra Rich and a mini bag by Fendi. This outfit confirms his new obsession with the color pink, something he had already revealed, flying in a private jet this week, in a Petals and Peacocks shirt.

Unlike that fun mutant strawberry print shirt, this dress was incredibly refined and classic. Polka dots and ruffles don’t necessarily have to be cheesy, and Gaga makes it clear. To complete this outfit she wore white ‘stilettos’ Jimmy Choo and Gentle Monster cat-eye glasses to finish polishing a perfect summer outfit.

A few hours later, Lady Gaga gave us another look marvelous. It was a voluminous dress from the collection spring – summer 2021 from Alexander McQueen, designed by Sarah Burton. The model in black with layers of Chantilly lace and a corset-style bodice, we had already seen it last December in the firm’s catalog. In that opportunity about the model Nyagua Ruea. But without any doubt, Gaga now takes it your way.

Nyagua Ruea in Alexander McQueen’s ‘lookbok’, spring / summer 2021

© Courtesy of Alexander McQueen.

Lady Gaga added retro touches with the same obscure lenses and a classic model bag ‘Mombasa’ by Yves Saint Laurent. Una pieza vintage that refers us to the years in which Tom Ford He was the creative director of the French brand.

Lady Gaga with vestido de Giuseppe di Morabito.

© MEGA / Getty Images.

Finally, within this fashion display, it is worth highlighting the puff sleeve dress that he wore at night. A model of Joseph of Morabito in black and white floral embroidery. She also wore Oscar de la Renta teardrop earrings, sparkling Ana Khouri rings, and a clutch Mark Cross cross. The latter was one of the princess’s favorite bag designers Grace Kelly.

Gaga and its stylists, Sandra Amador and Tom Eerebout, they also know how to create looks forceful without so much drama and they have put it in evidence with this visit to the Big Apple. As they demonstrated in the awards season, especially at the time when the film was awarded ‘A Star is Born’. These fashion decisions have been very well received by her fans and have helped her place herself on the best dressed lists of Hollywood in the last times.

The singer still has a few days in Manhattan, so we look forward to more dazzling moments.

Article originally published in Vogue US,