Kevin Hart criticizes cancellation culture: ‘To grow up you have to screw it up’

In the last few years, we have seen how the culture of cancellation or ‘cancel culture’ starts to make more and more headlines. Actors and actresses, as well as other personalities, speak out on a controversial issue against popular or prevailing opinion or simply try to debate or old tweets and statements end up and, automatically, it is being canceled and ostracized by millions of people. Actors like Bryan Cranston have harshly criticized this attitude, because they think that it is necessary to debate and apologize if someone makes a mistake and not condemn them forever for dissenting. Matthew McConaughey has gone further, advocating for freedom of expression. Now it is Kevin Hart, the humorist and Hollywood actor, who has criticized this attitude (va The Times Y Cinemana).

Hart believes that cagndola one grows as a person

Kevin Hart, who suffered in 2019 the culture of cancellation on his own meats. The actor, who was going to host the Oscars, found himself leaving a unique position because of some jokes and a series of insensitive comments that were uncovered when he was chosen to host the most important awards show in Hollywood. The interpreter, who has continued working in films and series, is promoting Be dad of Netflix under the direction of Paul Weitz, a comedy in which he returns to make jokes of all kinds. However, he believes that the public’s hypersensitivity will be charging the comedy in multiple areas. And in that regard, he harshly criticizes the culture of cancellation. “Comedians feel censored now, because they tend to think that the things they say will come back and bite their ass.”, he comments. But the humorist thinks that when this happens, you don’t have enough perspective. Critics do not contemplate the change or evolution of a person when old jokes, videos from a few years ago or comments taken out of context are rescued.

“It’s about growing up. I personally don’t give a shit about cancellation culture.”

“If people want to get things out, go back to the same old tweets, go ahead. There is nothing I can do. They are seeing a younger version of myself: a comedian who tries to be funny and fails in the attempt,” he continues. “I apologize. And now I understand what what I said looks like. I look back and feel embarrassed. This is growth, it is about growing. I personally don’t give a shit about the cancellation culture. If someone has done something really harmful, then, absolutely, there should be consequences, “he adds, advocating the evolution of the one who makes a mistake. But he is even more critical.” But when it comes to someone has said that, you have to get him out of the way!… what are we talking about? When have we reached a point where life is supposed to be perfect? Are people supposed to behave perfectly all the time? I don’t understand it, “he continues.

“Sight, I do not expect the perfection of my children, nor of my wife, friends or employees. Because the last time I checked, the only way to grow up is to screw it up. I don’t know of any kid who hasn’t screwed up or done something stupid. If you allow something to affect you, it will. As far as I am concerned, this is not how I act. I understand that people are human. Everyone can change. It is like jail. People are locked up for a lesson. When they go out they are supposed to be better, but if they go out and people tell them I’m not going to give you a job because you were in jail, what the hell did they go to jail for? “, he qualifies in relation to people who reform or learn from their mistakes.” How are you not going to give it a try? Does it mean that your whole life must be ended by a mistake? No chance to change? What are you talking about? And who are you to make that decision? “, Concludes the actor, who has starred in the successes of the saga Jumanji and that the video game adaptation is shooting Borderlands with Eli Roth.